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The Coronavirus and its impact on tourism and travel

What does the Coronavirus mean so far for the travel industry?

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Do we see a travel recovery in China? How about duty free shopping area Hainan? And more importantly: can we see a recovery in spending?


Domestic China

Discover our products to monitor recovery of domestic travel in China: what green shoots do we observe?


Global travel

Discover how ForwardKeys help you understand what travel audiences first start travelleling, and where they go. When can you expect recovery of your business?


The global reference for business intelligence, tourism and travel trends

ForwardKeys crunch and analyse more than 17 million booking transactions a day. We obtain the latest travel industry trends and insights to help companies improve their tactical decision making.

Through our data science solutions, your business can have the most accurate picture of who is travelling where, when, for how long. View your target traveller at each crucial economic stage of their journey: from booker, passenger, visitor, guest, shopper to returning traveller.

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Work in a highly responsive way adapting to the ever-changing traveller behaviour.



Decide your next step based on past and future travel trends rooted by real historical data.



Anticipate the travellers’ impact on your business based on who will be travelling when and where.



Build on our analysts’ data science and analysis skills to obtain the most detailed insights to meet your KPIs.

“ForwardKeys has been a game changer for us. We are suddenly able to pitch for routes with small indirect market sizes (Transavia will start RTM-EDI in S20) and will be able to suggest to airline itineraries for the optimum day of the week and optimum time of the day based on actual customer demand. This allowed us to secure an additional Bergen rotation.”

Pavel HalasAviation Development Manager, Edinburgh Airport

"Flight Search is a wonderful tool giving quantitative insights for markets with no or limited volume of O&D. We were able to identify where people living in Montpellier and around want to go. This information was key and helped us orient our studies on Transavia France base project which at the end become reality. As from April 2020, Transavia France will make Montpellier its 4th base in France with 2 based aircrafts, flying up to 20 destinations. ForwardKeys solution also allows us to consolidate our data for other airline partners.”

Bigot PascalRoute Development Manager at Montpellier Mediterranee Airport

“Through provision of robust information on booking patterns and behaviours by specific source-market, ForwardKeys plays a vital role in informing and optimizing our planning for advertising campaigns. Assisting us in enhanced targeting and maximum impact.”

Dr. Andreas GolzeMarket & Business Intelligence Manager, Tourism Australia

“ForwardKeys' data is widely used within VisitBritain. It provides us with a timely and valuable picture of Britain's inbound tourism performance and prospects, including insights on some of our key markets and regions.”

Richard NichollsHead of Research and Forecasting, VisitBritain

“ForwardKeys has proven to be a reliable partner for us. Their reports and analytics add a level of data granularity that previously was not available within the industry and helps us to better understand the near future. Working with their team is refreshing.”

Derek SadubinCOO, CAPA Centre for Aviation

“As one of Europe's busiest hubs, it is essential that we understand the precise details of each passenger journey for planning and commercial purposes - ForwardKeys provides us with this information.”

Gregoire De BonPôle Performance & Investissements, Aeroports de Paris

“Through their insights, ForwardKeys' analysts helped us to better understand the profile of our visitors. Giving us the tools to predict their behaviour, and the overall performance of our key long-haul source markets.”

Petra HedorferCEO, German National Tourism Board

“ForwardKeys provides us with fresh, comprehensive and forward-looking data and insights which allows us to make critical business decisions.”

Ili HazwaniManager Air Hub Strategy & Development, Singapore Changi Airport

“ForwardKeys provides me with the freshest and most detailed air travel insights I have ever seen. I now know when my key performing source markets are booking for future travel, and can plan campaigns around them even before they book accommodation.”

Joe EllinghamDirector of Revenue Management, The Westin

“The full market information delivered by ForwardKeys has proven useful to have a fast and reliable statistics of Chinese visitors in Los Angeles and benchmark vs country level information.”

Franciscus LoukrezisDirector of Tourism Insights, LATCB

“ForwardKeys interface is almost real-time access to data flows on both direct and indirect flight connections. A powerful tool for economic traffic and tourism intelligence. Extensive, sharp and transparent, easy to select the data segment desired. Both over historic and future periods of time.”

Patrick VeceHead of Tourism Observatory

“ForwardKeys insights are key to understanding the opportunities ahead of us. We can monitor how our villages are performing and give our own customers clues to possible changes in key markets so as to quickly adapt.”

Cora TrevisanHead of Insights, Value Retail

"Despite the recent water security challenge we faced, the temporary nature of this event was successfully averted through collaboration and common goodwill between citizens, government, business and tourists. Our refreshed focus on retaining our reputation as a world-class destination meant the need to do things differently and asking the right questions in order to find the right solutions. Data, insights and analytics from ForwardKeys have proven a valuable resource in reshaping our strategies in making up for lost tourism numbers. This study has proved essential in looking at the impact of natural disasters from a different perspective."

Enver DuminyCEO, Cape Town Tourism

“ForwardKeys' comparative data on traveller profiles helps us to get a clearer understanding of the industry travel patterns across time, destination, and, importantly, be better able to assess the extent to which significant global events impact on these patterns.”

Rochelle TurnerHead of Research, WTTC

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