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Predicting Travellers’ Impact

Our travel data provides real-time precision on the complete traveller journey.
We track from search to purchase to full itinerary.
Uncover the suite of data solutions available.


Predicting Travellers’ Impact

With ForwardKeys’ travel intelligence tools


Your customers’ air travel patterns — revealed

Discover where they’re going, when, and for how long

When your business model relies on understanding and predicting traveller behaviour, you don’t need a data provider — you need a data partner.

That’s ForwardKeys. We don’t supply data. We give you answers.

We produce the most complete, most accurate and most granular air travel data on the market — and beyond.

When you partner with ForwardKeys, you get travel experts and data scientists working on your behalf. We collaborate with you to understand your business objectives — and then deliver what you need to attain them.

Intuitive solutions that help solve business-critical questions. Curated insights to feed your own reporting, BI or Data Science environments. An effective bridge between big data and strategic action.

Whether you’re promoting a destination, managing sustainable tourism, or marketing goods and services to travellers, we’re ready to provide the answers you need.

Imagine our data working for you.




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Our clients

“As CEO of Tourism Corporation Bonaire, I am often confronted with questions such as, ‘How’s the season picking up?’, ‘How are we ranked vs other competitors?’, or ‘What’s our air service capacity like for the summer?’. I can now confidently showcase our direction and performance based on real-time data that is monitored and shared via ForwardKeys.”

Miles Mercera, CEO, Tourism Bonaire

“ForwardKeys’ data is widely used within VisitBritain. It provides us with a timely and valuable picture of Britain’s inbound tourism performance and prospects, including insights on some of our key markets and regions.”

Richard Nicholls, Head of Research and Forecasting, VisitBritain

“ForwardKeys has proven to be a reliable partner for us. Their reports and analytics add a level of data granularity that previously was not available within the industry and helps us to better understand the near future. Working with their team is refreshing.”

Derek Sadubin, COO, CAPA Centre for Aviation

“Through their insights, ForwardKeys’ analysts helped us to better understand the profile of our visitors. Giving us the tools to predict their behaviour, and the overall performance of our key long-haul source markets.”

Petra Hedorfer, CEO, German National Tourism Board

“ForwardKeys’ data complements our reports and communications perfectly, and they offer useful insight into many of our key priority areas.”

Gloria Guevara, President & CEO, WTTC

“Data is key, in other words, without data we can’t strategize and plan. The partnership with ForwardKeys is just what we needed as it covers several areas ranging from demographic profiles, segmentation, seasonality and most importantly it provides us with insights to anticipate the market changes.”

Patrick Bontinck, CEO, Visit Brussels

“Now more than ever industry stakeholders need the latest up-to-date data and insights in order to build a more resilient, responsible, and sustainable travel and tourism industry. Organisations like ForwardKeys provide an important tool that can assist in restarting travel and tourism.”

Mario Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, PATA

“Undoubtedly, we faced one of the most challenging periods in our history of tourism in the last year. The data provided by ForwardKeys provided essential insights that helped us navigate and persevere through the pandemic. Backed by real-time data, statistics and science, we were confident in the key decisions we undertook at any moment. We are deeply grateful for the insights, expertise and knowledge offered by ForwardKeys. We look forward to working closely with ForwardKeys in the future to come.”

Thoyyib Mohamed, Managing Director, Visit Maldives

“The capacity to anticipate future arrivals has become key to tackle the effects of this pandemic in the tourism sector. Forwardkeys has provided the Dominican Republic with the proper tools to construct a realistic and efficient action plan. In these rapidly changing times, our marketing and international cooperation strategies rely deeply on the upcoming future.”

Enrique Penson, Intelligence Unit, The Dominican Republic - Ministry of Tourism

“UNWTO and ForwardKeys have a strong partnership since March 2020 when monitoring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide became crucial. ForwardKeys provides the UNWTO with regular insights to help the team at UNWTO understand specific trends in the market and key regions as changes unfold. These are included in the UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker.”

Sandra Carvao Chief, Market Intelligence & Competitiveness, UNWTO

“Feedback we often hear is how important data has become for travel and tour operators. By merging all the data partners we are fortunate to have access to so that we can support the full  travel ecosystem in Valencia, from the ground up, has been rewarding and strategic.”

Ricardo Millet, Director of Strategy & B.I., Visit Valencia
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