ForwardKeys predicts future travel patterns by crunching and analysing +17M booking transactions a day.

It is used to monitor and anticipate traveller arrivals and stay ahead of the trends from a particular origin market at a specific time.

Meet our team

ForwardKeys was founded in 2008 by Olivier Jager and Chris van Zwynsvoorde with the dream of building analytics services for the travel industry using air reservation data. They believed in the much needed importance of the human touch to give this “data” a voice and bring it alive.

With a clear vision, ForwardKeys has the guts to disrupt and the imagination to make the impossible possible. Integrity is close to our hearts, as it lives and breathes our reason for success; that of being trusted by our clients.

Super power skills at ForwardKeys

  • Passionate about what we do
  • Proud to work with an amazing team
  • We are the devils in the details
  • We are human!
  • We are givers, and share our knowledge
  • We're constantly challenged to see the big picture

Job Offers

Market Analyst

You are fascinated by what's happening in the world and ready to explain it to customers with enthusiasm.

Data Scientist

You are a team player that prefers data for breakfast. Gifted with the empathy required to pretend data are nearly human.


You want to work like a horse, learning the job of the 21st century and access the impossible: get an internship with a company where your job will contribute, for real. We need engineers or master levels in IT, software development, Marketing, data and data scientists (limited number of positions available).

Senior Java & web developers

Coding is your second nature and you've been dancing Java for many years now!

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