Actual Air Tickets

Actual Air Tickets draws on information from major online travel agencies and combines it with air travel booking data provided directly by the airlines.
ForwardKeys then
processes, cleans and enhances this data to provide high levels of detail, with information on airport dwelling times, traveller characteristics, trip duration and more.

With over 100 airlines contributing data, Actual Air Tickets is a rich and constantly evolving dataset that delivers truly actionable insights.

Use Actual Air Tickets for…

Detailed insight on trips

Obtain insight into arrivals/departures, airport traffic and trip characteristics.

Future bookings

Paint a picture of future booking patterns using existing data.

Data benchmarking

Benchmark against competing locations.

Event impact analysis

Evaluate the impact of global events as they unfold.

Travel audience overview

Understand travel audiences for specified points of interest.

360° view of journeys

Gain a view of entire journeys from point of origin to final destination.

Access Actual Air Tickets via the following products:

ForwardKeys Nexus

An end-to-end BI application for navigating air travel data in real time.


ForwardKeys API

A standard API to allow clients to inject our data into their own business processes.


Traveller Statistics

A solution for travel retailers and brands, offering traveller-based insights from airports around the world.


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