Few travellers think about how air route developments affect their choice to land at their destination. They search for flights and book the cheapest or most convenient ones, but airport authorities and DMOs (Destinations Management Organizations) know that it is a lot more complicated than that. 

Air route development is an essential function for airports planning to attract new services and destinations seeking further investment in the region through increased visitors and hospitality developments.  

We asked our team of aviation experts at ForwardKeys for some tips or factors to consider when negotiating new air route development. The team agreed that these are the eight most common topics. Download the whitepaper to read the complete analysis and enjoy the two free tips we share publically. 

1. Research Airlines, Airports, and Air Routes 

Once you have identified your target market, research airlines that serve that market.  Look at their route maps, frequencies, and schedules to see if they align with your needs.  

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of potential airports to determine which is the best fit for your destination. Consider factors such as airport accessibility, size, and passenger handling capacity, as well as local infrastructure and regulations.  

 Attention should be given to the demand that the new proposed route could attract from adjacent destinations. 

 Meanwhile, routes could have one or more of the following characteristics:  

  • Capacity underserved during one or more of the seasons 
  • Have potential demand growth 
  • Fits in the airline’s network structure and business model 
  • Fleet compatibility 
  • Have the potential to stimulate new demand 
  • May attract demand from nearby major airports 
  • Offer cargo revenue 
  • Cost-effective  
  • Have premium yield 

2. Review the Health Status of existing air routes 

ForwardKeys allows destinations to examine and monitor how the current routes are performing as well as assess the route strength based on load factors. Few competitors in the market can offer you that.  

Ensuring planes are full will guarantee the use of that route by many airline carriers. Remaining accessible by smooth and regular flight connectivity is vital for destinations looking to increase international arrivals or welcome back returning guests.  

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