Understanding airport traffic for out-of-home advertising by media agencies

The challenges

Consumer-centricity in media agencies

Media agencies use air travel data for their out-of-home media buying at airports to identify the right audiences. However, the data analysis, presenting it to business leaders and decision makers in a way they understand it, and getting a consistent view of the consumer across planning teams remains difficult. How can media agencies ensure they deliver a more consumer-centric experience by using air travel intelligence?

The solution

Audience discovery and out-of-home media delivery

ForwardKeys can help media agencies providing a single shared view of the consumer, while closing the data and technology literary gap. The ForwardKeys platform allows for analysis of any airport (terminal) globally to identify travel audiences, and the insights experts and analysts are available to help understand the data, as well as the methodology behind it.


Why media agencies choose to work with ForwardKeys?


Industry shaping work to define higher measurement expectations within closed environments such as optimising airport media management and travel retail media initiatives.


ForwardKeys’ near real-time data analyses deliver better understanding of the interplay of travel and consumers on-demand, helping plan media campaigns effectively through more precise targeting.


Aggregation of the largest number of industry sources unmatched by anyone else to deliver a complete and consistent view across the most granular of metrics, defining the travel industry’s single audience currency.

Case studies

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