Project Description

The client: a famous theme park in Asia

This case study concerns the most famous theme park and resort brand in the world – specifically, one of its Asia-based branches, which prides itself on offering a diverse and distinctive experience that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

The challenge: a lack of insight into market penetration and campaign performance

The organisation’s own data revealed that a high proportion of visitors to its theme park were international tourists. However, the company lacked insight into its market penetration in these travellers’ countries of origin – and was similarly in the dark about its marketing performance.

Seeking to ascertain market penetration by country and calculate the return on investment of its marketing campaigns, the brand approached ForwardKeys.

The solution: a correlation analysis revealing the traveller profile of theme park visitors

Having studied the theme park’s case, ForwardKeys ran a correlation analysis comparing the total number of arrivals at the destination from the Philippines, a key source market, with the number of visitors to the park also from the Philippines.

Aiming to verify the ability of ForwardKeys data to provide reliable insight into the past and future performance of this key source market at the theme park, the study revealed a strong correlation between arrivals at the destination and visitors to the attraction from the Philippines. A particularly strong correlation was found with travellers spending between two and eight nights at the destination.

The result: greater insight into theme park marketing performance and travel recovery

With access to ForwardKeys travel data via the Nexus platform, our most advanced business intelligence solution, the theme park brand has been able to evaluate its marketing campaigns performance by tracking the number and profile of visitors arriving from its key source markets.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has prevented the park from welcoming international visitors, the organisation has used the data to monitor the recovery of the global travel sector. With an industry reactivation now on the horizon, the park can rely on ForwardKeys insights in preparing marketing campaigns for what promises to be a more successful year ahead.


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