Project Description

“In these times of disruption, air travel data is critical to understanding market recovery.”

Sérgio Guerreiro
Senior Director for Knowledge Management and Innovation,
Turismo de Portugal

Turismo de Portugal’s core business objectives

Turismo de Portugal is the national tourism authority and is responsible for the promotion, development and sustainability of tourist activity. It thus unites in one single body all the institutional powers relating to the development of tourism, in all areas ranging from supply to demand.

The business goals

With the ultimate objective of helping Portugal to become one of the most competitive and sustainable tourist destinations in the world, Turismo de Portugal’s business goals include maximising revenue, ensuring the distribution of tourist flows throughout the year and, in particular, reducing the seasonality of tourist demand for the country. The Tourism Strategy 2027 establishes precise objectives in this area, and these are regularly monitored and influence policies designed to promote tourism development.

Understanding market behaviour

Turismo de Portugal approached ForwardKeys with three main objectives: to understand the air market for Portugal and the journey of tourists visiting the country, to identify the mobility patterns and booking behaviour of these tourists and to anticipate market trends by monitoring travel searches for Portugal.

Continuous monitoring of market trends

In times of disruption, the ForwardKeys platform allowed Turismo de Portugal to monitor the dynamics of air capacity, changes in air routes and air demand for its main source markets.

It also made it possible for the national tourism authority to analyse variations in demand according to the evolution of the pandemic and its impact on connectivity and arrivals in Portugal.

A successful revenue management strategy

“In addition to the platform, with data on air transport and insight into the market dynamics behind it, we have access to the API product, which means we can combine ForwardKeys data with other internal and external data sources, allowing us to evaluate the performance of a set of internal processes,” said Guerreiro.

Several knowledge products were produced, available at Travel BI for consumption by the Portuguese tourism industry.

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