Project Description

Targeted airport advertising to reach a niche audience

Headquartered in London, PSI is an out-of-home (OOH) media agency offering strategic consulting services, campaign trading, campaign implementation and creative services and location data insights.

Having managed a successful campaign in 2017 for Dell Technologies across several United States airports, PSI required a fresh approach to engage an elusive segment of the IT company’s travel audience – senior business decision-makers. PSI’s primary objective was to raise awareness of Dell’s position as world leader in digital transformation among a niche but global C-level travel audience. This called for highly targeted airport advertising based on accurate, real-time data.

Airport advertising 2.0

After conducting one of the largest OOH customer surveys in the market, PSI selected airport environments that would provide the ideal arena for creating brand connections at key stages of the travellers’ journey – such as premium departure lounges in major business hubs.

The company enlisted the help of ForwardKeys to construct an accurate data-driven view of their travel audiences’ locations, their favoured forms of media and the ideal times for creating targeted micro-moments, whether in transit or during dwell time.

The right message, in the right place, at the right time

PSI sought a quantifiable understanding of their audience’s travel behaviour to make crucial media placement decisions on behalf of Dell Technologies.

Making use of daily updated data at the terminal level, ForwardKeys’ team of data and analytics specialists pored over hundreds of past and current datasets to predict key factors on business travel, such as seasonality and future reservations.

These insights enabled PSI to create multiple touchpoints across the entire airport advertising landscape, optimising its contextual messaging for optimum audience impact at the right place and time.

Data that delves deeper

Crucial to the success of PSI’s partnership with ForwardKeys was the two parties’ willingness to look beyond the usual level of data granularity and extract a richly nuanced perspective of Dell Technologies’ key client behaviour during transit. Considering the impact of real-world events on clients’ buying decisions and media consumption also played a key part in the campaign’s favourable outcome.

More to come from PSI’s data-driven airport advertising

Dell Technologies greatly appreciated PSI’s work and has since commissioned the OOH media agency for a larger global roll-out of its data-driven airport advertising campaign to engage even more business travellers worldwide.

By opening the door to a vast resource of travel data insights, PSI’s long-standing collaboration with ForwardKeys has allowed the agency to position itself as a unique player on the international stage.

“We’ve been able to prove our expertise in the global travel space with our granular understanding of how our clients’ audiences make sense of their world,” says Edward Heaney, Business Director, PSI. “What’s more, we have established ourselves as a provider of a unique service, creating global intelligence strategies that deliver the right media, in the right place, at the right time.”


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