Project Description

NPD Group

Understanding passengers down to the terminal level

“The ForwardKeys data and the NPD travel retail data is a really powerful one-two punch. By combining those two assets together it truly gives our customers an edge to win at every airport that we track.”

Paul Cantrell
Executive Vice President, NPD Travel Retail

Data solutions for travel retail

NPD Group is a market research company that measures how consumers shop across all channels. The company combines the consumer and retail data, and provide it to their clients so they can interpret market trends and make forecasts. This helps them put the right products in stores at the right moments. To be able to do so for airport retailers, the NPD Group and ForwardKeys have decided to cooporate, so as to combine insights on who will be at the airport, with insights on what they might buy.

The background

The power of landscaping

As affluent consumers travel the world discovering new destinations, it becomes more important for luxury brands to know when and where to have their marketing touchpoints, and of course when to sell what products. Travel data analytics give brands the opportunity to better understand the who, when and where of global travellers. However, the information is quite often spread and brands have to consult several sources to find their information.

The objective

Enabling data driven knowledge

In April 2019 ForwardKeys and The NPD Group announced their partnership to combine the two companies’ strengths. ForwardKeys provides NPD Group with traffic data of 550 airports globally, which NPD combines with passenger profile data.

The solution

Why it succeeded

The Traveller Statistics data enables luxury brands and duty free retailers to make more targeted decisions. The platform shows where retailers should focus their investments, like at which airport terminals their target audiences will be and so where they will yield the highest return on investment. The information on the platform also allows brands to quickly adapt to the constantly evolving trends of certain nationalities, thereby being able to work in a more agile way and getting the highest growth possible.

The results & continued work

The results

Paul Cantrell, Executive Vice President and President of NPD travel retail, said: “Our customers use our information that we package in a very simple way, to make decisions at a terminal level on activation plans or how they think about merchandising and pricing products within that particular terminal. ForwardKeys is a critical partner for us because they are the gold standard in passenger data. They help us understand nationalities, time of day, day of week activities, down to the terminal level. It is rare in retail today that you can truly understand who your customer is to that level of detail.”

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