16th, December 2020

11.00am CET


About the webinar

China Inbound and Outbound, 2020 and onwards

The Year of the Rat started off dramatically for the Chinese travel market and overall global tourism sector. All eyes are on China now, the nation being of imminent importance when it comes to recovery in both domestic and international travel with its citizens as important economic agents moving the fragile travel eco-system forward.

In our Winter edition of the China Travel Expert webinar series, we cast our eyes back on the past 10 months of historical data with the future in mind as new travel bubbles emerge and the Lunar New Year on the horizon in February. Our team of analysts will share the latest data on where the Chinese travellers have travelled year-to-date and where they are planning to travel in 2021 and beyond.

In addition to addressing the impact that the Coronavirus has had on bookings and flight capacity, we’ll closely examine the purchasing power of the domestic shopper in key free-trade zones and duty-free havens with a travel retail focus on key airports in and around mainland China.

Lastly, ForwardKeys will use Traveller Statistics data to examine key trends for the nation for the next five years ahead. What does the outlook have to say about the passenger numbers and nationality mixes?

Join our webinar to uncover the new shape of the pandemic in terms of travel and shopping in China. Let our data and insights guide you through these uncertain times.

Olivier Ponti
Vice President / Insights

Marina Giuliano
Director of Retail and Travel Retail

Nan Dai
Market Expert

What you will learn

  • A 2020 review and 2021 outlook
    The year-to-date performance of Inbound and Outbound China Travel

  • Lunar New Year 2021
    Outlook for the Lunar New Year in February 2021

  • Impact update on the Coronavirus
    · Cancellation ratio index of bookings
    · Capacity talk (following flight ban)
    · Outbound travel from China with new travel bubbles: Singapore, Macau and Japan

  • Duty Free shopping at Airports & in Hainan
    · What does our travel data say regarding shopping at Airports and in Hainan? And more importantly: what does the spending data show?
    · Gazing into the crystal ball for long-term travel forecasts.
    · Discover what the 5-year outlook for China looks like. How will the passenger profiles and nationality mixes differ?

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