Chinese outbound traveller trends

The Chinese outbound travel market hit another record in 2017, and the end of growth is not even in sight. Rising incomes, favourable exchange rates and easier visa processes all contribute to the rise in Chinese travels. They pose a huge business opportunity, if you know how to target them. But how to reap this growing market?

To get a better understanding of Chinese demand, ForwardKeys and COTRI (China Outbound Tourism Research Institute) are happy to invite you for our next webinar on June 20 and 21.

Our quarterly webinars provide a thorough market analysis of the Chinese outbound travel market. Experts from both ForwardKeys and COTRI will shed light on their own areas of expertise.

The coming webinar will include:

  • A performance review on where the Chinese travelled between January and May 2018
  • A forecast of the upcoming summer season: where will the Chinese travel to?
  • Insights into the customised travel segment, with a focus on Europe

Participants will not only be supported in their strategic decision making by the statistical insights into the movements of Chinese passengers, they will also get deep understanding of the reasons behind it.

Each participant will have to opportunity to submit three questions after the webinar. The PowerPoint will be shared at the end of the broadcast.