The recently rebranded City Destinations Alliance (City DNA) and ForwardKeys have formalised a new agreement, cementing their long-valued collaboration to develop a marketing partnership that will better support the DMO members at City DNA with the latest and most comprehensive data analytics at key events and quarterly reports.

City DNA is a member-driven community, a sharing network of over 115 tourism boards across Europe working to unfold the potential of the visitor economy. Their vision is for all cities in Europe to flourish as great places to live, work, meet and explore.

A key objective of the partnership is to share how more relevant, more timely and more actionable data can be leveraged to better monitor, manoeuvre, plan and achieve real business outcomes within the shifting travel ecosystem across European city destinations.

“The partnership underlines the role of data analytics and intelligence tools towards city tourism recovery, in a time when data-led decisions and strategies are more crucial than ever, especially for City DNA’s extensive membership of 115 across Europe. Urban and cultural metropolitan centres were most adversely impacted by the pandemic as travellers choose remote islands over crammed cities,” says Olivier Ponti, VP of Insights at ForwardKeys.

“The decisions that government and private sector business leaders make today may impact the organisations’ trajectories for years to come. Therefore data-driven insights and real-time data are no longer nice-to-haves but must-have navigational tools as destination marketing has become more about destination management”, adds Ponti.

City DNA’s President, Petra Stusek, emphasised the importance of building partnerships to effectively address common challenges. “Collaborating with like-minded partners will be pivotal for city tourism boards, particularly against the backdrop of the pandemic and current geopolitical uncertainty. Innovative collaboration will fast-track tourism rebuilding and strengthen our collective resilience for the long run.”

“City DNA and ForwardKeys share common interests and outcomes for the tourism industry. The importance of timely and reliable data is undeniable. We are very excited to work with ForwardKeys for 10 years, helping our members in Europe and its global source markets navigate risks with timely data and hyper-relevant presentations”, says Petra Stusek, President of City DNA.

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