How Skyscanner data can help airports negotiating new airline routes

From 5 to 7 June ForwardKeys will be present at the CONNECT Route Development Forum in Cagliari, Italy. This event brings together airports and airlines to discuss current and future air transport links.

Route development flows naturally from the interaction between airlines, destinations and airports. The first question to be answered is for which flights demand exist and whether or not these routes are covered already. Once the route is in place the three parties combine marketing efforts to make the newly opened route a success.

ForwardKeys can provide key insights in the investigation stage of the process. Skyscanner data shows exactly what consumers search for, and which flights they eventually select. Comparing this data with what airline seat capacity already exists shows what the uncovered and undercovered routes are.

As the Skyscanner data includes the geolocation of searchers our Flight Search tool also provides insights into catchment area and airport traffic leakage. It shows how many travellers find their way to a different airport, and for what reasons. This information enables airports to improve their airport marketing.

At the event, Wouter Veenstra, responsible for business development at the ForwardKeys aviation division, will speak more thoroughly on how ForwardKeys Flight Search data can help regional airports improve their network planning, route development and airport marketing.


About the speaker – Wouter Veenstra

During his research at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Wouter was amazed by the power of data to drive improvement of the customer experience. When he got the opportunity to start at ForwardKeys, a travel data analytics company, he grabbed it with both hands. He now fulfils the role of Business Development of the Aviation Division at ForwardKeys, developing a tool that helps airports with their route development. Before starting his career in aviation he graduated in Industrial Engineering and Management with a specialization in Aviation Management at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and worked in the fashion industry.


About Flight Search

What are an airports’ unserved and underserved routes? What is their catchment area per route? What price are people willing to pay for certain flights? Getting an answer to those questions has proven to be challenging. The current method used, analysing many sources like airport surveys and comparing metasearch to capacity data, is both time consuming and costly.

Flight Search offers the answer to all those questions. We have done the work of processing the data, which means that all airports have to do is select their airports and let our platform run the analysis. Comparing search to capacity data we show unserved and underserved routes, and catchment areas and airport traffic leakage are shown on a map.

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Sales Executive – Aviation Division

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