Recovery of the Travel and Tourism sector post-COVID-19

What travel bubbles
will affect your business?

Which nationalities
should you target?

Who can you do business with as travel restrictions are eased?

The BIG question keeping the Travel & Tourism sector occupied during Covid19 – How and when will the market recover?  

The Chinese travel market is a 
heavyweight in terms of tourism dollars and an important source market for many countries in the world. However, the question remains whether this travel segment will be one of the first to travel overseas or will they stay closer to home?  

Should businesses in travel and tourism focus on other source markets? If so, which markets? Which countries or regions will we see the first signs of recovery?  

ForwardKeys has a unique range of data capabilities to better assist you in understanding your target markets and potential new markets. Understand the recovery of the travel market as it is happening.  

How can ForwardKeys Nexus help you to monitor
the bounce-back of the travel industry during the Covid19 crisis?

Flight Search
What are people searching for while at home? Understanding this will help you anticipate demand once travel restrictions are lifted.

Actual Air Reservations
Bookings made for future travel reflect on the pick-up of demand in all parts of the world.

Seat Capacity
What flights are being scheduled and re-scheduled by global airlines due to Covid19? What is the total addressable market, and how does this develop over time?

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