Destination Gateway

The Revolutionary App for Destinations

The increasing demand in the travel and tourism industry for reliable and actionable data has led to the creation of Destination Gateway by ForwardKeys. 

This revolutionary app includes comprehensive in-view analytics through advanced dashboards, providing valuable insights for all members within your organization. 

With Destination Gateway, Tourism Board and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) can benefit from the power of data to drive tourism growth while managing the impact of sustainable tourism effectively. 


Business Values

Understand the performance of specific travel audiences to your destination
Enhance your negotiation strategies with airlines and airports
Gain a deep understanding of your source markets’ travel behaviour and profiles

Already enjoying the benefits

Destination Gateway helps DMOs to

Track Events

With our comprehensive Event module, you can effortlessly monitor the success of your MICE, entertainment, or sports events. Gain valuable insights into overall event impact, enhance decision-making and optimize your event strategy. 

Optimise Marketing Campaigns

Gain access to information on the travel behaviour, seasonality, and profiles of your key source markets. Use this data to better target the right audiences, at the right time, with the right messaging – and thereby maximise the success of your marketing campaigns. 

Reveal trends in key outbound markets

Within the Marketing module the Outbound Market Trends view lets you explore emerging trends and insights in any origin country. Discover when people from that country typically travel to your destination, yearly changes in the number of overnight stays, popular outbound destinations from that country, and detailed profile information on international travellers originating there.

Enhance Connectivity

Gain near-real-time insight into your destination’s air connectivity as reflected by inbound seat capacity, flight frequency and more. Use this information to negotiate new routes – and maintain existing ones – with airlines and airports. Gain a better understanding of your carbon footprint, receive in-depth insights into the environmental impact of tourism on your destination, and make informed decisions regarding your travel and sustainability objectives.

Monitor Demand

Chart the demand for travel to your destination by comparing the evolution of ticket sales with sales intent as indicated by flight searches. Use this data to determine the performance of your source markets, find new ones and identify potential for new air corridors. 

Analyse Performance

Gain actionable insight into your destination’s performance – in terms of its ability to attract specific travel audiences – with historical trends, current patterns and outlook. Use this information to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in real time and respond accordingly. 

Data Insights: Empowering Decision-makers 

Marketing Managers

Tailor your marketing activities by anticipating demand and optimizing marketing campaigns

Product Managers

Provide the right offer at the right time knowing the travelers’ profiles

Connectivity Managers

Negotiate with airlines capacity, CO2 emissions, connectivity and more

Overseas Offices

Identify the key airlines and travel agencies to collaborate with

PR Managers

Benchmark your tourist arrival volumes and assess consistent seasonality trends

Strategy Managers

Define your market strategy by understanding the historical performance and future demand

“Destination Gateway is a game changer because it democratises data sources to make them suitable for anyone working at tourist boards and DMOs – from directors and researchers to brand and partnership managers. It provides clients with all the information they need to monitor travel recovery, enhance decision-making and optimise marketing strategies.”

Katrina Dawson
VP Business Development – Destinations

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