The challenges for destinations

The growing market of retail tourism

Marketing for the retail tourism sector has become one of the top priorities for retailers.

For a long time, the main target group was luxury shoppers, with tourists constituting only a small part of the total market.

However, this part has since grown and now offers many new opportunities. One of our clients noticed this because their sales to international customers were increasing significantly.

Accordingly, they started looking at the data they generated themselves to see what value they could extract from it. They soon realised that their data only showed how many sales transactions had been made by international tourists and how much was spent.

Although this was of great value, it only told one side of the story. The retailer therefore contacted ForwardKeys to see if we could provide more useful insights.

Our solutions for destination marketing and tourism organisations

Predicting traveller behaviour through science

ForwardKeys’ dedicated services offer DMOs and NTOs what they really need – an independent source of truth in a timely manner.

This enables them to build reports on trends to key destinations using trusted industry sources. The data can provide guidance on whom to target with new products for air-route development and paint a picture of the overall landscape for trends and forecasts.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application for navigating air travel data in real time across a wide range of sectors.


Forwardkeys API

A powerful travel API for clients to add into their own unique platforms/dashboards.


Licensed Datasets

A solution designed to provide direct access to our datalake via our AWS cloud.


Destination Gateway

A tool providing destination clients with travel data at each step of the consumer journey in near-real time.


Forwardkeys Focus

A range of personalised reports/dashboards addressing specific topics such as traveller segments.

Forwardkeys Data Consulting

A service through which we provide clients with ad-hoc reports, dashboards and/or analyses.

Why destinations choose to work with ForwardKeys

For the best data

To enhance their reporting with detailed data that sets the standard as the industry’s source of reference.

To gauge event impact

To gauge the impact of unexpected events on travel to create effective crisis-communication plans and make proactive business decisions.

For the insights

To build on our analysts’ skills and reports to obtain the best insights and key findings from historical data.

To see what lies ahead

To understand what type of travellers can be expected when and where, presenting opportunities related to duty-free shopping, hotel stays and airlines.

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For a destination, it is paramount to rely on an accurate, real-time understanding of the visitors’ journey: from the moment they start searching for a trip to the reservation moment and the entire trip itself. An analysis needs to be carried out to quantify and qualify visitor numbers, nationality mix and more. Data is the best resource not only for understanding past trends but also for looking into the future – especially now.”

Emilio José Inés Villar
Vice President – Destinations, ForwardKeys.

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