The challenges

Which type of consumer is at the airport?

At an airport, not every traveller is a potential customer. Some might have just started their trip or are there for a quick transfer. Others may be flying home and want to indulge in some last-minute duty-free shopping. The question is how can you identify these people specifically?

The solution

Travel data for airports

ForwardKeys provides duty-free operators with reports on the airports of their interest to better identify which potential consumers are ready to shop, where and when. Identify your target audience by nationality and trip status, to improve product placement and pricing.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application to navigate air data in real-time for a wide range of sectors.


Forwardkeys API

A powerful travel API for clients to add into their own unique platforms/dashboards.

Licensed Datasets

A direct access to our datalake via our AWS cloud.

Traveller Statistics

Provides TR & Brands with traveller-based insights from worldwide airports, at a click of your mouse.


Forwardkeys Focus

A range of personalized reports/dashboards, yo address specific questions, such as traveller segments.

Forwardkeys Data Consulting

To provide clients with ad hoc, one-off reports, dashboards, and/or analysis.

Global Recovery Dashboard

A Power BI Dashboard where you can explore the recovery of the travel and retail market.


Chinese Shopper Tracker

A travel retail consmer-driven solution that provides spend data for clients interested in domestic China.


Destination Gateway

Provides Destionation clients with travel data at each step of the consumer journey in near real-time.


Why do Duty-Free Operators choose to work with ForwardKeys?


Target specific travellers at airports by optimising airport media management, staffing and travel retail initiatives with high precision.


ForwardKeys’ near real-time data analysis captures the interplay of travel to consumer’s actions, on-demand. Plan media campaigns and sales promotions effectively, then engage your target audience in a timely manner.


ForwardKeys offers an aggregation of the largest number of industry sources, unmatched by anyone else, to deliver a complete and consistent view.

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”With our monthly data updates, and filters which allow you to break your search down from region to city, brands and retailers can spend their marketing budgets more effectively on targeted customers that they know will walk into their store at a given time“

Marina Giuliano
Director of Retail and Travel Retail

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