How air travel demand data helped businesses anticipate future travel trends

“Tomorrow Today” is the title of the next European Cities Marketing International Conference. It reveals the everchanging market conditions the destination marketing organisations deal with. The visitor economy and changing demand make that the market constantly changes and destinations have to keep up.

Over the years ForwardKeys has developed our own way of looking at travel trends. The historical air travel data sheds light on the visitors destinations have had in the past, and what kind of travellers they tend to attract. Bookings show where people are going to, and give a look into the future. It also shows how travellers respond to unexpected crisis as they made amendments to their bookings – or even cancel.

Finally we have developed several models for forecasts, which give a clear look into the future taking into account global events, for example the Olympic Games.

At the event Olivier Ponti, our Vice President Insights, will shed a light on how ForwardKeys anticipates the future, and how we help destinations make decisions as to their marketing or communication strategies.


Thursday 6 June – 16.15

Looking (back) at tomorrow by Olivier Ponti

With a tagline boasting “know tomorrow’s travellers”, no wonder ForwardKeys looked at many tomorrows – every day in fact. But what became of them, and what did tourism businesses do once they had a future in their hands? What will YOU do with the fresh insights about the upcoming summer that will be shared during this presentation? At the controls of a time-machine powered by air travel data, Olivier Ponti will fly us (back) to the future. Enjoy the flight!

Emilio InesEmilio Inés Villar
Divisional Director – Destinations

Olivier Ponti
Vice-President Insights