ForwardKeys’ new Events Impact & Alerts Reports enable brands to make data-driven decisions on their sales strategy to engage international shoppers

“We have had a couple of excellent weeks in terms of footfall from China compared to last year. Is this likely to be due to the Dragon Boat Festival? Based on the travel forecast for the Chinese New Year, can we expect the same?”

At ForwardKeys, we receive these questions regularly: during which travel periods are my audiences travelling most and how has their travel behaviour been affected by unexpected events, like terrorism, geopolitical unrest, or similar?

ForwardKeys is now the first travel analytics firms that offers reports that help brands build context into their planning by understanding how these real-world events shape the travel behaviour of key target audiences.

Marina Giuliano, Business Dev. Manager Global Retail & Travel Retail Division, said: “Sales to international shoppers, for example visitors from China, South Korea, GCC and Russia, is marked by expected travel periods, among which are bank holidays. Understanding these travel forecasts in advance means you can make data-driven decisions regarding your business planning of operations, marketing and sales during these crucial periods.

Unexpected real-world events and sudden geopolitical instability are factors that deters people from travelling to certain destinations, and subsequently from shopping in those destinations, while it opens up opportunities for others.” Jérôme Goldberg, Global Retail & Travel Retail Division Director, concluded.

The reports provide brands with unparalleled insights on travel trends from key nationalities that give brands a leading edge on events and holidays that are pivotal for sales to international shoppers.

Combining our insights’ experts’ knowledge with the aggregation of the largest number of industry sources, unmatched by anyone else, we deliver a complete and consistent view. From topline to granular insights, we can help you reach the shoppers at your business’ core.

Marina Giuliano
Business Dev. Manager
Global Retail & Travel Retail Division

M. +34 685 338 690

Jérôme Goldberg
Global Retail & Travel Retail
Division Director

M. +33 661 66 24 71


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