Events Impact & Alerts

The solution for brands to anticipate travellers during holiday periods and monitor events that may disrupt demand of global shoppers

ForwardKeys’ Events Impact & Alerts package helps brands to plan for major international shopping periods in 2020 while adapting to sudden, unexpected demands.

The challenge of understanding the travel behaviour of key audiences

Seasonality and changing travel behaviour for international shoppers highly affects the retail industry: the ability to plan and react is crucial for brands to capture this valuable audience. Holiday periods, geo-political unrest, terrorism, VISA policies: all shape travel trends by encouraging or discouraging travellers from going to certain destinations. As a consequence, these events shape the sales performance of international shoppers.

The solution for brands

ForwardKeys is the first travel analytics company offering a monitor that helps brands build context into their planning by understanding how these real-world events shape the travel behaviour of key target audiences. An annual subscription allows companies targeting international shoppers to be the first to know how travel trends are affected by particular events that may impact on sales.

How Events impact & Alerts works

Events impact & Alerts is an annual package including two types of monitors:

Event monitors

Receive ForwardKeys reports with travel data analytics and insights, to anticipate when and where key nationalities are travelling during the major holidays.

Holidays we monitor in 2020’s package:

  1. Chinese New Year
  2. Post-Ramadan travel period
  3. Mid-Autumn Festival & Golden Week
  4. Christmas

What you will receive

Our annual subscription includes 3 monitors for each of the 4 events:

  • 2 monitors will be sent 3 months and 1 month prior the event and will included updated travel forecasts.
  • A post-event report will cover the travel evaluation of the holiday.

Each report includes: (1) an executive summary, (2) the outlook of the event per world region, the busiest departure dates, information about the previous year’s traveller profile, and (3) the top destinations and busiest airports. The post-event report includes the results of the studied event on the top destination countries and airports.

Travel Alerts

Unexpected or exceptional events can shape trends in key shopping destinations during the year. Receive ForwardKeys’monitors for unexpected events, like geopolitical unrest, terror attacks, and natural disasters; and worldwide events, such as global sports events, to be well-prepared for the possible impact on your sales.

Nationalities and destinations we monitor in 2020’s package:

Events are selected based on the possible impact and the relevancy of nationalities and destinations for major brands with a focus on, but not limited to, events that have an impact on travellers from China, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, GCC and to important shopping destinations.

Example situations

✔ The Coronavirus
✔ Hong Kong Protests
✔ China-US trade war
✔ Natural disasters
✔ Terrorism

Nationalities monitored

✔ China
✔ Japan
✔ South Korea
✔ Russia
✔ Brazil

Locations monitored

The top shopping destinations worldwide among international visitors.

What you will receive

The annual subscription includes Alerts related to a minimum of 4 events that may occur during the year. A two-page overview which includes a description of the event and its impact on travel trends.

How Events impact & Alerts helps you prepare for key events and be resilient during a crisis


ForwardKeys helps brands understand events that generate the highest volume of affluent travellers which helps them optimize their communication plan and promotions, identify the best locations for pop-up stores and high-profile promotions, and assess ROI of marketing actitivies.


Understanding which key global shoppers will be travelling when allows retailers to have the right brand mix in store at the right time, as well as the right staff and sufficient inventory.


Knowing which events generate the highest volume of affluent travellers helps brands predict and assess international sales and identify new sales opportunities or challenges.

Why brands choose to work with ForwardKeys


The reports demonstrate clearly and in great detail the lastest news on the travel marketplace, mapping the travel journeys of global nationalities, passenger profiles and future bookings.


ForwardKeys data insights deliver a better understanding of the interplay of travel and global consumers, helping brands to plan their marketing effectively, by targeting precisely their audiences during key travel periods.

China expertise

The aggregation of the largest number of industry sources, especially on the Chinese market, is unmatched by other players in the market; we deliver a complete and consistent view of travellers.


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