Alternative data on the travel and tourism industry

ForwardKeys is one of the leading travel analytics firms that provides investment firms with alternative and predictive data on the travel industry.
Data is offered both on the demand and the offer-side of the aviation market.

Actual Air Reservations is an aggregation of flight bookings made via the Global Distribution Systems. Exclusive agreements make that global travel data is available, including regions that are generally difficult to track. This data contains valuable insights into the profile, behaviour, and impact of events on past, present and future air travellers.

Seat Capacity provides insights into the scheduled flights from 99% of global commercial airlines.

Financial institutions use this data for artificial intelligence and predictive models to forecast the performances of businesses. Combined, the datasets can provide insights into the financial health of businesses operating in the travel and tourism industry. This list contains companies like airlines, airplane leasing companies, oil companies, hotels and travel agencies. 

The challenges

Data-driven investing based on air bookings

As financial institutions are shifting from fundamental investment analysis to quantamental management, they are looking for new alternative data sources to get an investing edge. How do quantitative investment managers and fund managers get this edge when looking into businesses related to the travel industry?

The solutions

Events’ impact on the financial health of the travel industry

What impact do unexpected events or geopolitical events have on travel? Understanding the financial health of businesses in travel and tourism can be challenging. For example in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. How much has the market really been impacted, and when can we see the first signs of recovery? Travel trends and booking behaviour provide clear insights into the recovery of the market.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application to navigate air data in real-time for a wide range of sectors.


Forwardkeys API

A powerful travel API for clients to add into their own unique platforms/dashboards.

Licensed Datasets

A direct access to our datalake via our AWS cloud.

Delivery Method

Flat file delivery

ForwardKeys data can be delivered for the locations of your interest via flat files on a regular basis.

The ForwardKeys platform

The ForwardKeys platform unites all datasets, like total air market, events, seat capacity, flight searches and forecast to be accessed at all times.

Why financials choose ForwardKeys


ForwardKeys near real-time data immediately shows the impact of events on travel trends and is thereby quicker to see trends than other players in the market.


ForwardKeys data gives a clear indication of the financial performance of businesses operating in the tourism ecosystem.


ForwardKeys provides several datasets that can indicate offer and demand in the aviation industry which allows financials to use the dataset that fits their models best.

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