Flight Search

The Solution for Airports & Destinations

Welcome to Flight Search, a world where you can visualise who is searching which destination, in which time frame, and at which price point.

Thanks to our Flight Search tool using Skyscanner data, you can refine your destination marketing efforts, understand consumer intent and discover your airport’s catchment area plus its unserved routes by accessing data showing real air travel demand.


Why businesses choose ForwardKeys’ Flight Search


All you have to do is select your airport and let our platform do the work.


We update our data daily which allows for staying on top of the changing trends.


Our online platform can be accessed anywhere in the world.

The Challenge of Airport Marketing

Airport and route development is a long process and requires close cooperation with national and international airline carriers. A thorough investigation of flight statistics per route, travel demand forecasts, airport surveys, and other analytics are integral in completing a 360 report. This process is often long and time-consuming.

Uncover the demand for air travel

Flight Search shows trends of what travellers search for – in other words, real demand – and the selected flights, including the fare prices, airlines and booking platform.

The geolocations of the searchers are included, therefore allowing for potential airport catchment areas and traffic leakage to be captured in a final map.

Flight Data made simple!

Our online platform compares flight searches and picks per source market, showing the interest in flight bookings to destinations and demand for the actual seat capacity.

We save you the work of having to process and analyse the data one by one. All you have to do is select the airports/cities/countries of interest and the time range, then let the platform show you the results in a matter of seconds.


How does it help you?


Get unlimited access
to flight search and picks data

Flight Search makes it easy for you to analyse your destination’s and/or airport’s performance at any time you wish, monitoring key trends as they happen. Be quick to respond to critical events and target relevant travellers at the right time by anticipating tomorrow’s travellers.


Analyse unserved &
underserved routes

By comparing the true air traveller demand to the available airline seat capacity, we can show you exactly what and where unserved or underserved air services exist.

Benchmark with
competing airports & destinations

Understand your challenges by comparing air travel demand to and from your airport and/or destination, new catchment areas, and traffic leakage to that of your competitors.

Flight Search brochure

Would you like to know more of the technical features of Flight Search? Download our product brochure to get a full overview.

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