On a mission to predict travellers’ impact

ForwardKeys is a travel intelligence leader — founded in 2010 on the simple principle that businesses dependent on international and domestic air travel can make better strategic decisions if they know who is travelling where, when, how, and for how long — now, and in the future. 

To provide those crucial insights to our customers, we developed the most comprehensive database of air travellers and visitors in the industry, offering detailed information on passenger travel itineraries, advanced profiles and behaviour patterns and preferences at their destination. 

Our suite of market-leading solutions and Data Smarts are designed to facilitate easy access to this data for a range of users, from research analysts and data scientists to marketing, brand and product teams.  

We serve numerous sectors including destination management organisations, media, travel retail, car rental, hospitality, finance and pharmaceuticals and continue to grow and innovate to meet the developing needs of the 200+ brands we work with.  

Team ForwardKeys

Our global team numbers almost 100 aviation and data science experts, based across locations in the UK, the US, France, the UAE, Brazil and Singapore — including our HQ in Valencia, Spain. 

Data Science & Big Data Expertise

Working at the cutting edge of data science, we’re dedicated to crafting and perfecting sophisticated data models to predict the global air market, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning — paving the way for transformative travel insights and innovations.

Technical Proficiency

We develop and support industry-leading solutions that seamlessly facilitate our clients’ access to and understanding of global air travel data. Our solutions empower our clients with actionable insights regardless of their data analytics proficiency.

Insights Expertise

We work closely with our clients to ensure they get real value from our solutions by extracting the most valuable insights. From market review calls and curated data summaries with expert commentary to onsite training workshops and on-demand one-to-one access to dedicated data analysts, our Insights team strive to improve our customers understanding and application of our data.

Aviation Excellence

Our expert speakers frequently share their profound aviation expertise and distinctive insights with a worldwide audience at prominent industry events. Their contributions serve to enrich the global aviation community with invaluable knowledge and perspectives.

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the quality and responsiveness of our support, offering on-demand assistance from a dedicated customer service team, leveraging their industry expertise to resolve current queries and proactively anticipate future needs. Alongside this, our range of interactive product documentation and user guides provides a wealth of self-service resources for our clients.

Join us

Since 2010, the ForwardKeys team and business has grown quickly. This wouldn’t have been possible without our passionate and committed international workforce. We have an environment that allows creativity to flow freely and calls for flexible and responsive actions.

As we are hungry for growth and innovation, we are always looking for new talent. If you’re a team player, embrace the company’s vision and can bring fresh, new ideas, then please feel free to get in touch.


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