On a mission to predict travellers’ impact

ForwardKeys was founded in 2010 on the premise that business dependent on international travellers – such as tourism organisations, hotels and retailers – would make better strategic decisions if they knew who was travelling where, when and for how long. The self-funded company therefore developed the most comprehensive database of air travel bookings in the industry, offering detailed information on traveller profiles.

Yet ForwardKeys is more than just a consultancy to the aviation industry. In recent years, it has evolved to become a travel intelligence specialist, able to provide insight into not only the flow of international travellers but also their behaviour and preferences at their destination.

Serving numerous sectors including destination marketing, hospitality and retail, ForwardKeys is growing fast to meet the many and varied needs of its 120-plus clients. The team now comprises more than 90 members, and although we all work remotely, we make sure to meet up at the office in Valencia as often as we can. While we are based in Spain, we are represented all over the world – in the Caribbean, Singapore, the UK, Australia, China, France and many more locations.

Our team of travel data experts

Since its foundation, ForwardKeys has established itself as the industry reference for global travel trends and insights.

As the industry evolves – a process that has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic – the ability for travel-related businesses to make informed decisions based on live, reliable data becomes increasingly important. Accordingly, ForwardKeys constantly develops its products to serve the changing needs of its clients and deliver the specific insights that they – and the industry as a whole – are seeking.

To support this mission, ForwardKeys’ data scientists dedicate themselves to building and refining data models using artificial intelligence and machine learning; the IT department focus on developing products that provide a relevant service to the market; and the Insights team work closely with clients to ensure they understand the data and can glean the most valuable insights from it. In addition, several ForwardKeys employees are expert speakers, frequently sharing their knowledge and unique insights with global audiences at industry events.

Olivier Jager

CEO & Co-founder

Christophe Van Zwynsvoorde

CTO & Co-founder

Join us

Since 2010, the ForwardKeys team and business has grown quickly. This wouldn’t have been possible without our passionate and committed international workforce. We have an environment that allows creativity to flow freely and calls for flexible and responsive actions.

As we are hungry for growth and innovation, we are always looking for new talent. If you’re a team player, embrace the company’s vision and can bring fresh, new ideas, then please feel free to get in touch.


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