ForwardKeys API

ForwardKeys data; your application

ForwardKeys API is geared towards the data-savvy employees of travel-dependent businesses. Through our API solution, users can inject all the power of the ForwardKeys Nexus platform into their own tools, feeding their business processes with granular, real-time information without the need for manual input.


Already enjoying the benefits

ForwardKeys API allows you to…

For data scientists

Receive only the most relevant data

Gain access to the data you need to save time and effort pinpointing the right information.

For data scientists

Integrate our data into your own tools

Integrate ForwardKeys data into your own business tools and processes.

For data scientists

Select the datasets that meet your needs

Choose the ForwardKeys datasets – including Total Air Market, Actual Air Tickets and Seat Capacity – that best serve your business requirements and ambitions.

Additional benefits include…

High level of granularity

Gain standardised access to granular data applicable to a range of business processes.

Most comprehensive dataset in the sector

Build or enhance your own dashboards using the most comprehensive dataset in the industry​.

Real-time intelligence

Feed your company’s transactional processes with real-time air travel intelligence​.

Download the ForwardKeys API brochure…

Download our brochure for more information on the product and discover its benefits.

“Our versatile platform offers various delivery modalities, amongst which our API solution provides all the power of Nexus in a standardised format – so that users can inject their business processes and applications with accurate, granular real-time data on the global travel market.” 

Régis Cazanave
Vice President Product