About the webinar

ForwardKeys presents – “How DMOs, Tourism Boards & Governments can use Big Data in their decision making.”

2020 will forever be etched in the memory of many as B.C and A.C – before and after Coronavirus. The health pandemic has bought pain into many homes and fear of travel for many more. However, the travel sector needs to unite and pull through this crisis as it has many other past obstacles through innovation, facts, and greater industry collaboration.

Born out of this moment of halting airplanes, travel restrictions, and many conversations within the industry, we proudly launch ForwardKeys & Friends. A webinar series where we place the spotlight on one of our industry friends to discuss the future of the hospitality, tourism, and aviation with an emphasis on how to use data more effectively.

In our very first webinar, we welcome Xavier Font from the University of Surrey and Inma Gallego from the University of Malaga, who have taken a look at how Big Data can help Tourism Boards and Governments with tourism policy in their recent research paper.

About the webinar

ForwardKeys presenta – “El uso de Big Data en las Organizaciones Turísticas y Gobiernos para la toma de decisiones”.

2020 quedará grabado en la memoria de muchos como A.C y D.C., antes y después del Coronavirus. La pandemia no sólo ha causado dolor en muchos hogares, sino que ha hecho que el miedo a viajar se haya implantado en muchos más. Como en ocasiones anteriores, la industria turística debe aliarse y superar esta crisis a través de la innovación, los hechos y una mayor colaboración de la industria.

Nacido de este momento de parón turístico a nivel global y con la idea ayudar a los diferentes actores del sector, lanzamos con orgullo ForwardKeys & Friends. Una serie de seminarios web donde charlaremos con nuestros amigos y expertos de la industria para discutir acerca del futuro de la hostelería, el turismo y la aviación con énfasis en el uso de datos de la manera más eficaz.

En nuestro primer webinar, damos la bienvenida a Xavier Font de la Universidad de Surrey y a Inma Gallego de la Universidad de Málaga, que nos presentarán su reciente trabajo de investigación sobre la importancia del uso de datos en estos momentos de incertidumbre y de cómo el Big Data puede ayudar a los Consejos de Turismo y a los Gobiernos a la hora de definir su políticas turísticas.



Olivier Ponti
Vice-President Insights



Xavier Font
Professor of Sustainability Marketing
University of Surrey



Lorena García
Senior Analista de Mercado



Inma Gallego
Profesora de Marketing
Universidad de Málaga



What we will discuss

How can real time Data help DMOs in times of crisis?

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted that the continuous use of travel data is needed for effective decision making – but where do Governments & Tourism Boards start?

Historic Data vs. Fresh Data

The disruption to the travel sector caused by the current crisis means that historic data does not reflect on future trends anymore – what alternative data sources can be used to plan for future travel?

Desire to travel during a pandemic

While people were in self-quarantine during COVID-19, they were still thinking and dreaming about travel. What destinations were top of mind? And how can Tourism Boards use this information to their advantage?

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