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ForwardKeys and KIWI.COM – “Destination Marketing & Digital Screens, its relevancy during Covid-19”

The way companies communicate to potential customers and travellers shifted with the advancement of new technologies, but what new opportunities have risen from the ashes post-apocalyptic Covid19 impacted 2020? Join us as we welcome Patrick Zeuner, Head of Partnerships for Airports & Destinations at on stage with our very own COO, Laurens Van Den Oever to discuss the future of travel marketing now that we have so much technology at our disposal. Have we become smarter or has the technology upped its game by being deemed smart?

This will be an informed and brief discussion looking at the evolution of media buying and product placement while sharing the latest news that tourism organisations and media agencies should consider. Campaign tracking has improved as aspects of advertising that once was not possible is now possible through the advent of search engines, flight searches, cookies and geo-targeting.



Patrick Zeuner
Head of Partnerships
(Airports & Destinations)


Laurens van den Oever


Wouter Veenstra
Data Products Manager

The Agenda

Digital Advertising vs Traditional Channels

Moving from billboards to digital screens – what are the benefits and how does it impact ROI? How has technology become smarter and more useful for tourism organisations to track and harvest prospective visitors?

Destination & Airports

What has been the receptivity to modern day advertising at airports for tourism organisations? Can you provide a case study showing the efficacy of digital and online advertising?

Audience Q&A

The last 15 minutes are for an open floor session, a chance for the audience to get involved.

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