In today’s digital age, data is king, but for ForwardKeys CEO and Co-Founder Olivier Jager, data represents his life’s biggest adventure. “Milestones are plentiful as we started humbly, and we appreciate every opportunity we’ve been given,” says Jager as he looks back on the achievements that have defined the travel analytics company in the last decade.

“ForwardKeys started as and remains an adventure for me. The boat is bigger to steer but the possibilities that a bigger company allows are wider and richer,” he adds.  

In 11 years, ForwardKeys grew from a team of two to 80, with its momentum showing no signs of abating. As the world transformed, so too did ForwardKeys evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of the information industry. And while data may have been an afterthought during the company’s early days, it is now the most important factor driving most business decisions in 2021 and beyond.

“There once was a time when it was difficult to convince our customers that data was needed,” Jager adds. “Today, our discussions with customers are never about that, but rather about what piece of information is needed within the organisation, and what are the best ways for ForwardKeys to deliver the information.”

Recently, the pandemic crisis has driven another transformation; and while uncertainty may have dominated the travel and aviation industry over the last year, ForwardKeys has and will continue to serve as a source of clarity, or as Jager puts it as a ‘single source of truth.’

Jager says, “COVID-19 essentially modified the typology of customers we have, impacting the travel retail segment more than others. But brands and operators need to identify and anticipate where the business is, even during these difficult times.”

“I do believe that ForwardKeys is moving toward a ‘single source of truth’ that will prevail over others. Simply because, to entertain a dialogue with a peer like a DMO and an airline, you have to be able to speak the same language and refer to the same metrics.”

The roadmap is clear at ForwardKeys – it’s all about providing more pieces of information that their customers can use to make decisions.

It is a small sentence but it’s a huge endeavour. We’ll keep on creating, identifying, and sourcing new data.

Olivier Jager
CEO & Co-Founder

Read the complete interview as published originally in The Moodie Davitt Report or contact us to learn more about the full suite of data solutions available for tourism organisations, finance sector, travel retail and brands.


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