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ForwardKeys Nexus, our most advanced travel BI solution.
The all-encompassing platform is suitable for business analysts, marketers, and hotel management to analyse the full 360 perspectives on travellers’ impact on their business as it includes all our datasets and tools in one platform.

We help our clients understand who will be travelling,
from where to where, and for how long.

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Understand the travellers’ journey

ForwardKeys Nexus to…

360 degree view

Understand the complete traveller journeys of your audiences.

Pinpoint locations

Understand the locations of your interest; the travel behaviour of key source markets, arrivals in a specific destination, even the airport traffic.

Event Impact

Monitor the impact of unexpected events on travel and bookings with our near real-time data.

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How will your business benefit from ForwardKeys Nexus?

Near real-time

ForwardKeys near real-time datasets mean that you do not have to wait for weeks or months to understand the impact of any event on the air travel market.

The Details

Analyse data from any possible angle, ForwardKeys Nexus allows you to slice and dice the data exactly as you wish, from top-line to granular.

The Insights

Build up on our analysts’ expert skills to obtain the best and most reliable insights.

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