ForwardKeys got especially high scores on the level of detail of traveller types; local airports; average prices paid; total number of travellers; travel demand based on what people search for; and more historical data.

The destination marketing organisation of Andalusia has several goals for the coming years. Among those are attracting more tourists outside high-season and a young audience by cultural offerings and marketing the region for city-breaks. The region also tries to promote cities now less frequently visited, like Almeria.

To be able to monitor progress on those goals fundamental analysis involves looking at traveller data. Data on traveller habits, prices paid, and the development of new routes to the region would allow Andalusia to audit its strategy.

Laurens van den Oever, Chief Marketing Officer at ForwardKeys, said: “This public tender shows again the need for destinations to get a grip of the true visitors they had, have and will have. We will further strengthen our expertise in this area and we will continue to look for ways to provide even more detail.”

Roberto Arana
Account Manager LATAM & Spain


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