Which travel bubbles will affect your business?

Which nationalities should you target?

With whom can you do business as travel restrictions are eased?

How and when will travel recovery unfold?

While a full market reactivation remains a distant prospect, travel recovery is already well under way in certain areas – particularly in domestic and intra-regional markets, where notable examples include China and the European Union.

However, given the unpredictable nature of the ongoing pandemic – new variations and travel restrictions may arise at any moment – the course of travel recovery is difficult to chart.

ForwardKeys has a unique range of data capabilities to help you gain insight into your target markets and potential new audiences – and monitor the recovery of the travel market as it unfolds.

How can ForwardKeys help you to monitor the travel industry’s recovery during the Covid-19 crisis?

  • Near-real-time datasets: ForwardKeys’ frequently refreshed datasets mean you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to gauge the impact of an event on the air travel market.

  • High level of detail: ForwardKeys Nexus allows you to slice and dice the data exactly as you wish – from the highest level to the most granular.

  • No raw data: we use aggregations that make sense in the context of the travel and tourism industries.

  • A 360-degree view: benefit from unparalleled insight into the complete traveller journey from start to finish.

  • Destination data at your fingertips: Destination Gateway’s intuitive design makes it easy for DMOs and tourist boards to find the data they need, when they need it.

  • Democratised data sources: any DMO or tourist-board employee can access and make sense of ForwardKeys’ destination data – whatever their level of data literacy.

  • Performance and recovery monitoring: through the Performance module, users can compare their destination’s performance against pre-Covid levels as an indicator of travel recovery.

  • Connectivity and marketing insights: individual modules provide data on airline capacity to a destination and the behaviour of its source markets, allowing DMOs to optimise decision-making and marketing .

  • Comprehensive coverage: Traveller Statistics draws on ForwardKeys’ Total Air Market dataset for unprecedented coverage of travel-retail audiences at all major airports.

  • Advanced analysis options: users benefit from granular data covering nationalities, terminals and the times of day and days of the week that travellers are at the airport.

  • Annual forecasting: a dedicated forecasting feature charts the development of travel trends up to 10 years into the future.

  • Detailed route data: the Seat and Route Capacity module allows users to view scheduled seat capacity for over 4,000 airports and discover route data for the next six months.


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