ForwardKeys, a travel data and analytics firm, has recently released the latest Chinese outbound travel trends regarding Golden Week, ahead of the much-anticipated webinar with Dragon Trail International on September 26. As of September 6, bookings for upcoming Golden Week travel are 58% lower than the same period in 2019.

However, encouragingly, the current outlook for travel on this year’s peak travel time, which is September 29th, has already reached 84% of the pre-pandemic level. Hong Kong, the UAE, and Macao have already surpassed the travel levels seen in 2019.

According to Nancy Dai, the China Market Analyst at ForwardKeys, the outlook is not that dire, as Chinese travellers tend to book more last minute.

Another key trend and observation ForwardKeys can share is that 37% of travellers plan to stay in their destinations for 6-8 nights, representing a 3-percentage-point increase compared to 2019.

“The air ticketing data also show that there has been an increase in bookings made by solo travellers and couples, something for tour operators, hoteliers, and retailers to keep in mind this Golden Week. For young travellers, personalized options that meet their needs are becoming even more popular,” adds Dai.

Dragon Trail International’s much anticipated Chinese Traveller Sentiment Report

This edition of Dragon Trail’s Chinese Traveler Sentiment Report also offers in-depth, qualitative information for long-haul destinations around the world, to help better understand consumer awareness and motivations.

“We’ll be sharing destination deep-dives on Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania, North America, and Latin America. Interestingly, when we asked travellers what they hoped to see and do in the six world regions, natural scenery and iconic cultural landmarks stood out everywhere. Waterfalls, jungles, grasslands, mountains, canyons, oceans, and deserts top Chinese travellers’ bucket lists around the world,” says Janice Meng from Dragon Trail International.

In terms of travel plans for 2023, South Korea tops the wish list of intended travel destinations for 2023, chosen by 10.4% of respondents. This is a particularly positive sign for Korea’s inbound Chinese tourism recovery, now that group travel has been allowed for the first time since 2017. Europe remains by far the most coveted region for long-haul tourism (chosen by 34.4% of travellers who intend to make an outbound trip still in 2023), with Iceland, emerging as a dark horse destination thanks to trending travel content about Icelandic volcanos on Chinese social media platforms earlier this year.

In the upcoming webinar, more information will be disclosed such as the top destinations for Chinese travellers these holidays; the busiest airports in China, and the outlook for outbound China in Q4.

ForwardKeys has been at the forefront of travel intelligence since 2010, offering data solutions specifically designed for tourism boards, travel retailers and hospitality. The recent innovations in Data Smarts through ForwardKeys Connect have also garnered the interest of financial and insurance firms. Learn more and visit:


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