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By May 22, 2020 Support

Actual Air Tickets works like Actual Air Reservations and Total Air Market. The same modules and analysis filters are available. When in the tutorial videos we refer to Actual Air Reservations, you can simply select the Actual Air Tickets dataset.

Would you like to understand more about the differences between the datasets? You can read it here.

The benefit of using Actual Air Tickets is the increased market coverage, as a result of the availability of tickets directly booked with the airline.

Two data filters have been added which will provide you with new insights. Analyse the air traffic or bookings made by airline, or get an overview of the top travel agencies that most sold certain trips. Contact your account manager or insights analyst to understand more about how to use these new filters.


Query configuration

Arrivals: Setting up your query


Overnights: Setting up your query


Departures: Setting up your query



Basic analysis features