ForwardKeys travel data for revenue management


The importance of travel data for hotel revenue management

Effective hotel revenue management is all about selling rooms at the right time, at the right price, and to the right customer. Since travellers tend to book flights before making further travel arrangements – including booking a hotel – data on air travel and global passengers is an invaluable resource to those working in the hospitality sector.

Predicting traveller behaviour

ForwardKeys provides the most complete source of global air travel bookings in the industry. Our data scientists provide not only historical travel data for revenue management but also accurate forecasts. This enables hotels to include future booking patterns in their systems to monitor room inventory and maximise yield.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application for navigating air travel data in real time across a wide range of sectors.


ForwardKeys Smarts

Curated and processed datasets, enriched with advanced data science


ForwardKeys Connect

A Data-as-a-service platform providing flexible access to our Smart Data while unleashing your true analytics capabilities.


Why do hospitality partners choose to work with ForwardKeys?

To gauge event impact

To analyse ForwardKeys’ near-real-time data in relation to current events to assist with pricing and staff management.

For the insights

To build on our analysts’ skills and experience to obtain the best insights.

To see what lies ahead

To understand how many travellers to expect at your hotel and respond to changing demand.

Case studies

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