The challenges

Understanding Traveller Patterns, Tourist Arrival Volumes and Hotel Room Occupancy

Understanding past and future travel trends form an important basis in understanding the hotel revenue management process for the nightly room rates while shaping future sales promotions per nationality or even season. Foreseeing changes and promptly acting on them, can reduce any miscalculated risks and save your business.

The solution

Predicting traveller behaviour

ForwardKeys provides the most complete source of global air travel bookings available in the market. Not only historical travel data is available, but our data scientists also provide accurate forecasts. This enables a hotel to include the future booking patterns in their revenue management systems, to monitor room inventory to maximise the yield on room rates.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application to navigate air data in real-time for a wide range of sectors.


Forwardkeys API

A powerful travel API for clients to add into their own unique platforms/dashboards.

Licensed Datasets

A direct access to our datalake via our AWS cloud.

Forwardkeys Data Consulting

To provide clients with ad hoc, one-off reports, dashboards, and/or analysis.

Global Recovery Dashboard

A Power BI Dashboard where you can explore the recovery of the travel and retail market.


Why do hotels choose to work with ForwardKeys?

The future

To understand what travellers you can expect at your hotel to be better equipped for the demand.

The events

To analyse ForwardKeys’ near real-time data in relation to real-time events to assist you with pricing and staff management.

The insights

To build on our analysts’ analysis skills to understand how to read the data.

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”With our monthly data updates, and filters which allow you to break your search down from region to city, brands and retailers can spend their marketing budgets more effectively on targeted customers that they know will walk into their store at a given time“

Marina Giuliano
Director of Retail and Travel Retail

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