Licensed Datasets

Empowering business decisions

Licensed Datasets are geared towards the data-analysis departments of DMOs, financial firms and oil and gas companies. They provide direct access to ForwardKeys datasets via our cloud servers, allowing organisations to use the data as they see fit, and gain unique insight into the markets of their interest to empower their business decisions.


Licensed Datasets allow you to…

For data scientists

Receive data via the cloud

Gain direct access to ForwardKeys datasets via our AWS or Snowflake (soon!) cloud servers.

For data scientists

Create your own models

Generate your own models based on ForwardKeys data.

For data scientists

Build your own data warehouses

Integrate multiple datasets into a data warehouse to form a one-stop shop for air travel insights.

For in-house analysts

Correlate our data with your own

Use ForwardKeys data alongside your own to establish business performance forecasts you can rely on.

Additional benefits include…

Unmatched speed

ForwardKeys is the only provider capable of delivering air travel data with such speed. Frequent updates ensure that users gain a near-real-time view of the travel market.

Best market coverage

ForwardKeys covers markets that are usually difficult to track, providing access to Japanese historical and Chinese outbound data, for example.

Industry experience

With vast experience in the tourism and hospitality sectors, ForwardKeys has helped numerous companies monitor the performance of hotels, casinos, theme parks, travel retail stores and more.


“With Licensed Datasets, our clients gain access to our data via our AWS and Snowflake (soon!) cloud servers. They can then slice and dice the information as they please, integrating it into their own systems and processes or storing it in a data warehouse alongside other datasets. This is an agile, flexible solution for data-savvy users.”

Maria Elena Rodrigues
Business Development Director

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