Understand traveller flow to optimise airport advertising


The challenges

Engaging your target audience

Knowing who is entering and exiting which terminal is a crucial element in airport advertising and product placement. Media agencies can use air travel data to optimise their out-of-home advertising campaigns, digital screen rental and brand activation at airports, targeting the right audiences at the right time.

The solution

Brand awareness and relevance

ForwardKeys can help media agencies close the gap between consumers and technology. The ForwardKeys platform enables the analysis of any airport (terminal) globally, allowing users to identify traveller types while our Insights team help them to interpret the data.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application for navigating air travel data in real time across a wide range of sectors.


Traveller Statistics

An easy-to-use tool providing travel retail brands with traveller-based insights from worldwide airports.


Why media agencies choose to work with ForwardKeys

Optimal results

 Know who is arriving when and from where to achieve optimal results in brand awareness, campaign messaging and product sampling.

Precise targeting

ForwardKeys’ near-real-time data analysis captures the interplay between travel and consumer actions on demand, helping you plan more effective media campaigns with precise targeting.

Unmatched coverage

Benefit from an aggregation of the largest number of industry sources, unmatched in the market, to deliver a complete and consistent view that supports effective airport advertising.

Case studies

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