ForwardKeys is the travel analytics company that helps businesses in the travel ecosystem understand air travel demand and offer; the whereabouts of global travellers; travel trends; and travel forecasts.

Sources are airline capacity plus over 17m booking transactions and 7m flight searches per day.

Among our clients are destination marketing organizations, retailers, and brands, though essentially any company with an interest in travellers could use our data to optimize their strategy and to anticipate business opportunities.

The challenge of airport marketing

Travellers as economic agents

Every year, more people travel. These travellers are economic agents contributing to global wealth, and at every stage of their journey they represent an opportunity for various businesses around the world. From a leading airline, bustling city and global hotel chain to a regional airport or a duty free shop; it could be your business.

Our solutions for airport route development

Understanding travel patterns and forecasts

ForwardKeys owns several datasets, among which total air market flows globally, to flight searches, and seat capacity, which provide insights on the travel trends of global travellers.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application to navigate air data in real-time for a wide range of sectors.


Forwardkeys API

A powerful travel API for clients to add into their own unique platforms/dashboards.

Licensed Datasets

A direct access to our datalake via our AWS cloud.

Destination Gateway

Provides Destionation clients with travel data at each step of the consumer journey in near real-time.


Traveller Statistics

Provides TR & Brands with traveller-based insights from worldwide airports, at a click of your mouse.


Forwardkeys Focus

A range of personalized reports/dashboards, yo address specific questions, such as traveller segments.

Forwardkeys Data Consulting

To provide clients with ad hoc, one-off reports, dashboards, and/or analysis.

Global Recovery Dashboard

A Power BI Dashboard where you can explore the recovery of the travel and retail market.


Chinese Shopper Tracker

A travel retail consmer-driven solution that provides spend data for clients interested in domestic China.


Why our clients choose to work with us

The reference

To deepen the soundness of their analysis by using and reporting with data that is the industry standard.

The future

To understand what travellers can be expected to capture opportunities.

The insights

To build on our analysts’ analysis skills to obtain the best insights.

Case Studies

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