Aviation data that benefits any travel-dependent company


ForwardKeys’ mission is to empower the strategic decision-making of travel-dependent companies based on science and truth. Through our aviation data, clients gain unparalleled insight into the performance of their business or investment.

Although ForwardKeys’ extensive client base mainly consists of destination marketing organisations and travel retail companies, any company that relies on international travellers can use our data to inform key business decisions.

ForwardKeys has several datasets, reflecting historical and forward bookings, global seat capacity, flight fares, and more. What really sets our data apart, however, is its unique combination of high granularity and extensive market coverage.

Travellers as economic agents

Pandemics notwithstanding, more and more people travel every year. These travellers are economic agents contributing to global wealth, and at every stage of their journey they represent an opportunity for various businesses around the world. From leading airlines, bustling shopping centres and global hotel chains to regional airports and duty free shops, businesses at every level can benefit from international travel – and therefore from insights gleaned from real-time aviation data.

Aviation data like no other

ForwardKeys owns several datasets. Actual Air Tickets combines information from major online travel agencies with data on tickets booked directly at the airlines, while Seat Capacity shows the offer of seats from 99% of direct commercial flights worldwide.

Total Air Market, the most comprehensive air travel dataset in the industry, estimates the total number of tickets booked, changed and cancelled daily for all global commercial airlines and combines this information with details on the profile of travellers and their trip characteristics. This is then complemented with, and referenced against, data from additional external sources.


Forwardkeys Nexus

An all-encompassing BI application for navigating air travel data in real time across a wide range of sectors.


Destination Gateway

A tool providing destination clients with travel data at each step of the consumer journey in near-real time.


Traveller Statistics

An easy-to-use tool providing travel retail brands with traveller-based insights from worldwide airports.


Licensed Datasets

A solution designed to provide direct access to our datalake via our AWS cloud.


ForwardKeys Connect

A Data-as-a-service platform providing flexible access to our Smart Data while unleashing your true analytics capabilities.


Why our clients choose to work with us

For the best data

To enhance their reporting with detailed aviation data that sets the standard as the industry’s source of reference.

For the insights

To build on our analysts’ skills and experience to obtain the best insights.

To see what lies ahead

To understand what type of travellers can be expected when and where.

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