Join our China Outbound Expert Session on 19th December and fully prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year period.

One of the busiest Chinese travel season is coming up: Chinese New Year on 5th February 2019. Traditionally a lot of people would travel home during this period, however in recent years it has become more popular to travel abroad. This provides opportunities for businesses in the tourism sector, but how to tap into this growing market?

Why is Chinese New Year such an important travel period among Chinese? In China employees are only entitled to limited paid annual leave. To make to most of those days, many combine their annual leave with national holidays to travel abroad.

For Chinese New Year and the National Holiday three days off are given, which makes those periods the best moments to travel.

ForwardKeys booking data shows exactly which destinations are popular among Chinese, and how their travel preferences are changing. Flight bookings already show a clear picture of the upcoming holiday season.

Our data thus provides you with the opportunity to prepare your marketing efforts for the Chinese New Year. You still have enough time to prepare, as Chinese New Year takes place on 5th February 2019.

During our China Outbound Expert Session, we will fully update you on what the booking data tells us about Chinese travel preferences during the upcoming travel season.

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