Queer Destinations and ForwardKeys have joined forces to blaze a trail of progress in the world of tourism data, championing inclusivity and diversity for the LGBTQ+ community.

Both companies emphasized the significance of improving the management of the LGBTQ+ tourism segment, as well as combating discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals and ensuring proper care for them. The Queer Destinations team brought attention to the concerning lack of comprehensive studies and information on LGBTQ+ tourists, beyond just economic data. They also highlighted the need for more up-to-date and specific data in this regard.

“This agreement makes us the first and only company in the industry to have the ability to have the data that shows us the true impact of the world’s LGBTQ+ travellers. It will also allow us to show what the potential of the segment can be and highlight with greater intensity the before and after the step of working, from a company or tourist destination, with Queer Destinations,” said Oriol Pamies, founder of Queer Destinations.

“The travel industry understands the power of data and uses it to offer personalized travel experiences to all types of travellers, including the LGBTQ+ segment. By collaborating and analyzing data, companies can gain insights into the preferences and needs of travellers. This helps them tailor their services and destinations more accurately, making everyone feel welcome and understood. Data-driven collaboration ensures that all travellers receive inclusive and personalized travel experiences,” adds Juan A. Gomez, Head of Market Intelligence at ForwardKeys.

The CEO of Queer Destinations Edgar Weggelaar said: “We live in a highly competitive industry where data plays a fundamental role in the decisions made by businesses in reference to innovative markets such as the LGBTQ+ traveller segment. Having this first-hand information will allow us to demonstrate once again the potential of this segment and the importance of working together on strategies to attract it.”

As per the reports from Out Now Consulting, the LGBTQ+ tourism sector could potentially contribute up to 218 billion dollars in revenue annually, accounting for 10% of global travellers as reported by the World Tourism Organization. This significant data could now be efficiently managed and utilized to gain a better understanding of its reception, management, and true worth, all thanks to this historic partnership.

ForwardKeys is a company recognized worldwide as an expert in tourism intelligence, with analysts operating from all continents. With 95 employees and representatives in countries such as the United States, China, and France, ForwardKeys manages more than 150 accounts in 85 countries, working with the public and private sectors. ForwardKeys advises ministries, local tourism organizations, investors and hotel chains on traveller behaviour and trends.

Queer Destinations is the leading company in the LGBTQ+ segment internationally. Its distinction recognized by the IGLTA (International LGBTQ+ Tourism Association), ‘Queer Destinations Committed’, aims to help companies and destinations in the tourism sector fight discrimination and train and prepare for the optimal reception of LGBTQ+ travellers, becoming the bridge that unites governments, destinations, and international companies with the community. It currently has a presence in Mexico, Germany, Colombia, the United States, Panama, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain.

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