At ForwardKeys, we recognise the value of accurate air travel data for low-cost carriers — especially for destinations that depend primarily on these airlines. But due to the sophistication and intricate connectivity of the air travel network, it’s traditionally been challenging to obtain accurate statistics for this market segment — especially since low-cost carriers don’t always share their data publicly. 

To address this challenge — and provide greater insight to our customers in destinations served by low-cost carriers — we developed the Total Air Market (TAM) algorithm.  

This machine learning algorithm, continuously trained with our data science and business expertise, leverages existing data points to construct a comprehensive and consistent view of the global travel market — including the crucial low-cost carrier segment. The TAM algorithm empowers our customers to reliably monitor their performance and benchmark against competitors — allowing insight-led decision-making and strategic planning. 

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In total, ForwardKeys’ extensive worldwide coverage includes more than 900 airlines, 44 million annual flights, 4,750 airports and more than 70,000 unique routes connecting them. This includes data on 180 low-cost carriers operating around the globe — indispensable for those destinations dominated by this segment.

With no single source of truth available for low-cost carrier air travel data, ForwardKeys has developed an approach which intelligently models performance figures for these carriers using a wide range of inputs — and the accuracy of our data relies on a range of factors. These include airline dynamics and profiles, economic shifts, flight searches, competitive environments on routes, changes in source markets, historical trends, the timing of the data snapshot, and the availability of official statistics.

We carry out complex bidirectional collation and analysis of our data, including connectivity and contributing network figures — enabling us to apply reverse adjustments when figures from a specific data source are inaccessible. This adaptability ensures we provide the most reliable data possible, even when specific reporting sources are unavailable or incomplete. 

The result is a highly accurate picture of low-cost carrier air travel across the globe, unmatched by any other data provider in the industry. Our clients, including European destinations which rely heavily on low-cost air travel, leverage this data to extract business-critical insights, informing their marketing and operational strategies and driving growth and success.   

At ForwardKeys, our customers don’t just get access to unmatched air travel data — they gain a collaborative partner dedicated to delivering comprehensive, reliable insights which evolve and improve with every season.


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