Forwardkeys - Who we are

"Know tomorrow's travellers"

ForwardKeys predicts future travel patterns by crunching and analysing 14m booking transactions a day. It is used by companies operating in the global travel ecosystem to monitor and anticipate traveller arrivals and stay ahead of the trends from a particular origin market at a specific time.

The analysis enables you to anticipate the impact of events, better manage staffing levels, adjust and measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and predict future market trends.

ForwardKeys’ data is retrieved daily from all the major global reservation systems worldwide and enhanced with sophisticated datasets to paint a constant picture in time on who is traveling when and where at any given airport.

Unleashing the power of traveller data

Travel Industry intelligence or study typically results from panels leveraging historical data from limited samples or sets of providers and analysts insights, resulting in static reports or medium and long term macro-economic observations released by institutional bodies. None of that is actually monitoring the pulse of this colossal but fragile industry, more impacted by remote trends, geopolitics, acts of God, or pricing than any other industry.

That is in fact radically contrasting with the reality of this industry, where distribution is largely built on computer-based transactions, generating daily huge quantities of data that were simply not yet available to marketers in a simple and easy manner. ForwardKeys aims at becoming a de facto reference for operational travel marketers.

Today, ForwardKeys grants marketers with immediate access to up to over 15 billions of historical Air reservations booked by over 150,000 online and off-line travel agencies worldwide and airlines, combined with hour-fresh data reflecting latest market trends.

Making immediate decision to improve business

Information available in is accessing fresh data by the day, opening a brand new perspective on the way Traveller data are used. In today's world of constant movement, allows travel marketers to visualize in quasi real time how markets and trends build up, and observe pickups for day, week or month.

Anticipating market trends

Even more, allows marketers to be informed of future market trends, and permanently "close the loop" with their market, giving them the opportunity to react while it is still time to change the course of things and to monitor those changes through the system. target customers? is Forward Data S.L.'s first deployment, and is dedicated to three key segments in the travel industry:
  • Destination Management Organization and other tourism official organizations that can finally enjoy a tool to monitor permanently inbound and outbound travelling, compare their performance "in real time" with competing destinations, and monitor the impact of their marketing efforts.
  • Hotels, and most specifically to hotel and hotel chains revenue managers, that can finally anticipate market pickup and market average occupancy to better quantify future demand, and optimize their revenue management strategy in adjusting sales conditions and rates to true market needs.
  • Merchants that rely on travellers as a primary source for business can now take advantage of ForwardKeys unique ability to anticipate global market trends. Anticipating shoppers’ origin and profile opens a new dimension in the fields of marketing, promotion and supply chain.

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