Forwardkeys - Job Offers

"Know tomorrow's travellers"

ForwardKeys is growing fast and we have many fresh & new ideas and we need YOU to turn them into a reality! Just answer the questions below, if they’re affirmative, you’ve found the right place!

Send us your linkedin page, resume and/or motivation to and we’ll send you our full job description.

The world of travel intrigues you, and you want to disrupt it?
You’d like to work for and with leading companies operating in the travel space, from luxury brands to Airlines but also Airports, hotel Chains, destinations and much more?
You’re fascinated by the power of data analytics, but still highly connected with the real world?
You’d like to be challenged and use your imagination to solve the unsolvable?
You’d see yourself working in the No1 city for living abroad or when possible home based?
You like energy and the speed of a startup environment?
Your personal values are in the spirit of collaboration, integrity, and perseverance.
In additional to your mother tong, your English communication skills are great.

Market Analyst

You are fascinated by what’s happening in the world and ready to explain it to customers with enthusiasm.

Data Scientist

You are a team player that prefers data for breakfast. Gifted with the empathy required to pretend data are nearly human.


You want to work like a horse, learning the job of the 21st century and access the impossible: get an internship with a company where your job will contribute, for real. We need engineers or master levels in IT, software development, Marketing, data and data scientists (limited number of positions available).

Senior Java 8 web developers

Coding is your second nature and you’ve been dancing Java for many years now! More information here.