Forwardkeys - ForwardKeys for Merchants

A marketable audience of travellers

A sometime under-estimated number of businesses – and particularly in the luxury segment – have travellers as primarily customers. They are a fantastic potential for merchants, showing a higher willingness to shop and to spend, but they also represent a marketable audience when compared to local shoppers.

All customers are not equal!

All customers don't shop the same way, and their national or cultural origin is a strong differentiator. Their expectations – let alone their taste or size – are different. More and more retailers or merchants rely on ForwardKeys to be able to anticipate traveller presence in town and in the show.

Who will be shopping with you next week?

Wondering when Middle East shoppers will arrive to your destination? We have that information and can help you to find out ahead of time so that you can adjust your marketing and logistic efforts. But that is not all, we can also help you to find out when your best customers – Chinese, Russians, Korean or any source market worldwide – are bound to specifically visit your shops. We do that in combining your data with ours, and looking for similar trends in both datasets. When these similarities are identified, we then start looking for similar patterns in our projected (future) data. Ask to your representative about how we would process your data!
ForwardKeys' unique ability to anticipate global market trends is a true revolution for those retailers and merchants that primarily rely on travellers as a primary source for business. Anticipating shoppers' origin and profile opens a new dimension in the fields of marketing, promotion and supply chain like never before.

Big Data

ForwardKeys unique DNA combining IT and BI skills – with world class IT experts and accomplished analysts – gives us the power to constantly improve our processes to get our data and your data to speak.

ForwardKeys can process traveller trends in multiple ways, from simple arrivals to a “destination load factor”, or even hotel occupancy. And that works for your data as well: we can process your information at shop, chain or destination level. Let us help you to forecast who will be visiting your shop!