Forwardkeys - ForwardKeys for DMO's

The new platform for DMO's and CVB's

ForwardKeys was developed with the idea in mind to provide destination marketers with the environment and the information they need to support and monitor their promotional efforts. Our research has shown that destination marketer have limited access to tangible market data, and too often rely on limited, historical, or static market information.

Introducing ForwardKeys, a Web based application granting destination marketers with:

  • Reliable data about your market, based on factual ("tangible") information.
  • "Real time" market data, refreshed every day - to monitor market trends why they happens.
  • An operational tool connected to daily activity.
  • Aplatform to aggregate existing content.

Find the right time and target for your campaigns

ForwardKeys collects daily all reservations made the day before across all GDS, and aggregates this information to the main database. By definition, this reservation information is mostly about travels scheduled in the future. That is how ForwardKeys offers tangible data about the future - we know how many people have made plans to travel to your destination any date in the future, and we can compare this to any date, such as same time previous years, at comparable day.

The arrival pickup analysis allows monitoring pickup trends for any day, week or month in the past as well as in the future. You can compare this pickup to any alternative date or filter per travellers' origin, and much more. Our solution is also equipped to help you analyze those data and highlight the variance, maturity, and market share pickup against other selected periods such as previous week, month or year, and help you decide on what is the best moment to promote your destination.

Monitor the impact of your campaigns

Key to the mission of all DMOs is marketing and campaigns promoting the destination at the market of origin. But there is hardly anything more frustrating for marketers not to be in a position to monitor the impact of your communication efforts, and the return on your investments. ForwardKeys allows destinations to monitor the impact on a market of origin or any promotional effort. For this, you can compare bookings issued from a selected destination or origin, and monitor the number of bookings compared to other periods of reference.

Events analysis is also key to the ForwardKeys solution. Analyse the impact of events such as fairs, congresses, sport events, natural disasters, bank holidays, school holidays at origin markets, etc. Compare recurring events to previous years.

Analyse travellers patterns

Do you want to know, for a particular period of time, if the Australians book sooner than the Japanese? Or if the Singaporean stay longer at your destination? Or simply how long Americans flying business class stay at your destination?

ForwardKeys will be a major source of information to analyze and monitor the behavior of lots of target group. Those findings will allow you to fine tune your future communication plans, and invest smarter to promote your destination.

Compare to competitors & sub-destinations

Our advanced dashboard will let you compare yourself to not only your competing destinations but also your own sub-destinations (e.g. regions of a country, etc.). Find out who is taking up your fair share of travellers, for any period of arrivals or booking dates. Analyse the horizontal or vertical share of up to 200 simultaneous source markets or any passenger category or type of trip.

Taking your needs into consideration

ForwardKeys is a totally independant company and IT solution, both commercially and technically. It can be licensed "as is", but can also be customized to your needs, or adapted to your working environment.

Indeed, we understand that DMOs and CVBs have been in business for decades in many cases, and have a heritage of processes, historical data, existing data feed, information of all sorts, existing technical infrastructure, etc... While ForwardKeys for DMO brings a new approach to DMO's, we also understand that there is heritage that needs to be taken into consideration while implementing a new platform. That is why our IT department can customize the application to better fit your needs, and handle special projects. Contact us to discuss your needs,

In any case, the ForwardKeys team is constantly striving to aggregate more content from various sources to provide you with more information about your market and your competitors.

ForwardKeys for DMO's is a platform for destinations, tourism boards, Conventions and Visitors Bureau, or any entity that is mandated with the task of marketing and promoting a destination. ForwardKeys is a tool and source of data for DMOs to quantify and qualify travellers flying to their markets. Daily update and future travels visibility brings the freshness required by marketers to permanently close the loop with the market, and anticipate market trends.

Big Data

ForwardKeys unique DNA combining IT and BI skills – with world class IT experts and accomplished analysts – gives us the power to constantly improve our processes to get our data and your data to speak.

ForwardKeys can process traveller trends in multiple ways, from simple arrivals to a “destination load factor”, or even hotel occupancy. And that works for your data as well: we can process your information at shop, chain or destination level. Let us help you to forecast who will be visiting your shop!


The ForwardKeys database is the best proxy to traveller trends and demand ever built.
  • ForwardKeys brings the strongest and most accurate database of online and off-line reservations worldwide to smart marketers. Our data results from the aggregate of numerous sources including American, European and Asian reservation systems, and also airlines.
  • ForwardKeys data are updated daily. They cover all source markets and destinations worldwide where there is an airport, and reflect trends at airport, city, region, state, country, and continent level. ForwardKeys efforts are driven to permanently optimize relevancy and coverage.
  • ForwardKeys processes over 4 billion of Air reservations information yearly, issued from by more than 150,000 online and off-line travel agencies worldwide. The product comes with 4 years of bookings history.
  • ForwardKeys also includes forward looking information for reservations made for future trips, up to 12 months in advance (non-consumed bookings). ForwardKeys also provides generic projections and forecasts.
  • ForwardKeys exclusive event database allows marketers to tie traveller trends to inbound or outbound events – from school holidays to “acts of God” impacting trends or yearly seasonality.
  • ForwardKeys leverages passenger true origin, passenger destination, passenger profile, length of stay, lead times, number of passenger per booking, online/offline booking, pricing class, stop-overs, and much more.
  • ForwardKeys is published by Forward Data SL, a Spanish company with world class IT and BI services. All technology and processes are developed or handled internally.