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Generic Q&A questions

Where are ForwardKeys data coming from?

ForwardKeys receives a daily feed of Air reservation information from multiple databases (various GDSs like Amadeus, Galileo, WorldSpan, Axess,Abacus...). ForwardKeys processes a total of over one billion reservations per year (nearly all reservations made by online and off-line travel agencies worldwide) issued by over 160,000 Travel Agencies worldwide. 4 years of historical data are available.

What is the level of details available in ForwardKeys information?

Not only can ForwardKey scan count/estimate the number of future visitors in any given destination worldwide, but can also sort them by country or region of origin, reservation channel, class of service, length of stay, etc...

What kind "Future data" do you offer?

ForwardKeys solutions aggregate daily reservation and non-confidential passenger information worldwide. That means that ForwardKeys collects daily information on all Air reservations including those that are related to future travels. We call future travels all these trips that are planned for future dates. We use this information to provide "Confirmed future Travels", or "Confirmed future occupancy". We also call that Forward Looking data.

How do you forecast travellers or occupancy?

ForwardKeys does provide forecasted information to anticipate on arrivals or occupancy. To do this, our algorithm combines "Future data" as described above, 2 years of historical information (actual occupancy same date same week), 2 years of pickup information, and ongoing year pickup information.

Why are ForwardKeys future and forecasted data so special?

Forecasting algorithm available on the market mostly use historical information (previous year, previous month...) to guess future demand. ForwardKeys also uses forecasting algorithm and they both anticipate demand based on real tangible data of "booked" information.

Do you include Low Cost carrier data?

Not yet, but we will, stay tuned! In the meantime, please consider that we are covering 40 to 60% of the market. ForwardKeys offers users a fantastic sample for reliable statistics. At this point, we don't include charter flights either.

Hotels Questions

Why do I need ForwardKeys as a Revenue Manager?

ForwardKeys is currently the only service (to our knowledge) to gauge unconstrained demand for all markets. We achieve this in compiling real future air booking data to make quantitative forecasts of people arriving at your destination in the coming months. Other solutions are based on heuristics and historical data, not quantitative future data. ForwardKeys does not replace but nicely complements the tools you have in place to support your revenue management efforts.

How can FK give me competitive advantage?

ForwardKeys gives you early insight on your future market so you can anticipate things before they happen. You can easily identify what are the days or periods that you should focus on, decide whether you should increase or lower your room prices, decide whether you should organize some promotion, event, etc. or target a specific audience. ForwardKeys gives revenue managers a competitive edge in providing tables highlighting these future dates when traffic and trends do not match the usual patterns.

How much does it cost?

We work on a yearly subscription basis. Our pricing scheme varies depending on the type of product, the type of access and the volume. Group discounts exist for hotel chains, etc. Please contact our sales department for a personalized quote.

All the people flying to a destination do not stay at hotels!

No doubt about that! ForwardKeys data are so rich that they clearly indicate market trends.Our approach is relevant to hotels where occupancy follows generic market trends and that apply revenue management techniques. According to our investigations, most key destinations worldwide are primarily served by Air transportations, and the correlation is near to perfect between passengers arriving at an airport and the hotel occupancy for Upscale, Upper Upscale and Luxury properties.

I already have a technical platform aggregating content to help my revenue managers to make decision...

ForwardKeyd is also offering an API that you can use to pull out key information from ForwardKeys and re-use our data within your own processes.

DMO Questions

How can I monitor the impact of my marketing investments?

ForwardKeys can help you to monitor the quantity and the quality of travellers flying to your destination during a campaign, and compare to other periods of your choice up to 2 years ahead. Also, you can monitor if your efforts are successful at capturing market share to competing destinations.

How much of the airline market do you cover?

This varies with time as airlines continuously appear or disappear or sign-up with the main travel distributors. It also depends on the destination. Benchmarking against published airport reports shows that we currently cover around 40-60% of the traffic worldwide. We are continuously striving towards even more exhaustiveness; however we have found that such coverage is already more than enough to give accurate and quantitative market tendencies.

Can you include train arrivals for my destination?

Train providers, as other means of transport, are usually national and hence more difficult to include. We are continuously working at improving our data coverage and include other provider booking data. Assuming the missing provider makes a big difference in statistical accuracy, we would be happy to discuss with you the opportunity of adding content.

I already receive data from local providers or statistical bodies. Can you aggregate that information as well?

ForwardKeys is also an IT platform that is designed to accommodate to your needs. Our IT team can take ad hoc development projects and ustomize the platform to your needs and ad the content of your choice.

Can you provide financial information about the travellers, such as the cost for the trip?

No, financial information such as flight cost is considered private by international laws and providers cannot legally give us this data, as well as other private data like passengers age, gender, smoking preferences, etc. Still, we do have the cabin class information which is a qualitative indication of the passengers' budget.

Can you detail what travel agency issued the reservation?

No, this is confidential information, and cannot be delivered. However, we do provide the "channel" information, comparing online and off-line reservations when available.
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