According to the latest Air Ticket data by ForwardKeys when examining issued tickets as of 1 January 2021, bookings in Russia’s domestic market in the next 6 months are the most advanced among the top 10 domestic markets worldwide. Issued tickets have already reached 77% of 2020’s level for the next 6 month’s travel.

“Domestic flight tickets issued in China are currently 48% of the same period in last year, however, the situation may improve as last-minute bookings have been one of the key features, with most tickets issued up to four days before travelling in China,” says Nan Dai, China Market Expert at ForwardKeys.

On the other hand, in Asia, issued tickets for domestic travel in Japan are only 14% of the same period in last year for the next 6 month’s travel, as its “Go-To” travel campaign, which is set to spur domestic spending, has been suspended due to virus challenges.


The domestic travel outlook for Brazil is Rosey

Brazil is placed at position 6 in the top 10 with issued tickets at 57% of 2020’s level for the next 6 months.

“The performance of the Brazilian domestic market is due to a combination of factors, among them, we could point out: the desire to travel after a long period at home, restrictions on international travel that causes travellers to adapt their plans by choosing destinations within the country, the restoration of the supply of available seats and connectivity in the various regions of the country, which was accelerated over the last quarter of 2020. We cannot forget to mention that Brazil has a wide range of tourist attractions that allow travellers to maintain a safe physical distance during the activities, in particular natural sights and beaches located on its vast cost,” says Leonardo Seabra, Head of Intelligence at Emprotur SA, Brazil.

Seabra adds: “It is also important to remember that the domestic market in Brazil corresponds to 90% of the total of trips. Therefore, it is naturally expected that its performance will be better than in countries whose participation of the international public is greater due to the current travel restrictions and the persistent scenario of uncertainty.”

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