Seat Capacity

ForwardKeys’ Seat Capacity flight database contains information on 99% of direct commercial flights worldwide, from both scheduled and low-cost carriers. This data is updated weekly to help DMOs and financials understand how well connected destinations are to source markets, and whether there is enough airline seat capacity available to serve major events and meet demand.

Through Seat Capacity, we provide real insights – not just figures – on all travellers to and from specific destinations.

Use ForwardKeys’ Seat Capacity data to…

Gauge airline performance

Measure an airline’s performance by comparing the number of seats sold to overall capacity.

Identify new routes

Identify new route opportunities by comparing Seat Capacity data to that of datasets indicating demand.

Calculate visitor numbers

Approximate the total number of visitors to a destination to reveal the total addressable market.

Access Seat Capacity via the following products:

ForwardKeys Nexus

An end-to-end BI application for navigating air travel data in real time.


Traveller Statistics

A solution for travel retailers and brands, offering traveller-based insights from airports around the world.


ForwardKeys Focus

A range of personalised reports and dashboards addressing specific questions on traveller segments and other topics.

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