The challenge of airport marketing

Save hours of work on airport data analytics

As an airport, route development is a long process and asks for close cooperation with airlines. Showing them a thorough investigation of flight statistics by route, travel demand forecasting, airport surveys and other analytics is key. This process is often long and time-consuming.

Our solutions for airport route development

Analyzing demand for air travel to and from an airport

ForwardKeys’ dedicated services offer airports the most crucial element - an independent source of truth. This enables them to build reports on the trends to and from their location based on a renowned industry source. The data can be used for air route development and to understand the competitive landscape.


Flight Search

The solution for airport route development

Visualize your airport’s catchment area and unserved routes by accessing Skyscanner data showing air travel demand.

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Why do airports choose to work with ForwardKeys

The reference

To deepen the soundness of their analysis
by using and reporting with data that is the industry standard.

The abundance

Get a complete picture of travel demand,
in additional to traditional data sources.

The insights

By comparing air travel demand to the available airline seat capacity, we show you what unserved or underserved viable air serves exist.

“ForwardKeys has been a game changer for us. We are suddenly able to pitch for routes with small indirect market sizes (Transavia will start RTM-EDI in S20) and will be able to suggest to airline itineraries for the optimum day of the week and optimum time of the day based on actual customer demand. This allowed us to secure an additional Bergen rotation.”

Pavel HalasAviation Development Manager, Edinburgh Airport

“Flight Search is a wonderful tool giving quantitative insights for markets with no or limited volume of O&D. We were able to identify where people living in Montpellier and around want to go. This information was key and helped us orient our studies on Transavia France base project which at the end become reality. As from April 2020, Transavia France will make Montpellier its 4th base in France with 2 based aircrafts, flying up to 20 destinations. ForwardKeys solution also allows us to consolidate our data for other airline partners.”

Bigot PascalRoute Development Manager at Montpellier Mediterranee Airport
Flight Search brochure

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