Duty Free Operators

The challenges

What shoppers will be at the airport?

At an airport, not every traveller is a potential shopper. Someone might have just started their trip or is there for a quick transfer, while others are flying back home and want to benefit from some last minute duty free shopping. The question, however, is how you can identify those travel audiences?

The solutions

Travel data for airport

ForwardKeys provides duty free operators with reports on the airports of their interest so they can identify what travellers are there to shop. They can identify their target audience based on their nationality and trip status, so they get a grasp of the total potential shoppers.


Why do Duty-Free Operators choose to work with ForwardKeys?


Target specific travellers within closed environments such as an airport by optimising airport media management and travel retail initiatives with high precision.


ForwardKeys’ near real-time data analysis delivers a better understanding of the interplay of travel and consumers on-demand. Plan media campaigns effectively, engaging relevant target audiences.


ForwardKeys offers an aggregation of the largest number of industry sources unmatched by anyone else to deliver a complete and consistent view across the most granular of metrics, defining the travel industry’s single audience currency.

Case studies

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