ForwardKeys, one of the worlds’ leading travel analytics companies, has launched a brand-new data tool to track and monitor the recovery within the travel and tourism sector.

Introducing the Global Recovery Dashboard, the latest travel analytics solution by ForwardKeys to make it fast and easy for everyone to visualise new travel discoveries in data as travel restrictions change, new travel bubbles emerge, and airlines increase their flight schedules.

The Power BI Global Recovery Dashboard can be used by analysts, marketers, brands, and hoteliers to explore recovery of the travel and tourism market. Using flight bookings and seat capacity powered by a built-in artificial intelligence engine, anyone can explore data, bringing rich, real-life insights to life as recovery begins, region per region, and globally.

“What makes this new, easy to use dashboard exciting for our colleagues in the travel sector is that they can now get a quick update on the travel movements week-on-week and discover which regions are showing promise and which are still being heavily impacted by negative consumer sentiment, flight restrictions and/or low capacity,” says Marina Giuliano, Director of Travel Retail & Brands at ForwardKeys.

The Global Recovery Dashboard is the first dashboard of its kind to be launched by the team of data scientists and analysts at ForwardKeys with the aim to “shed some light, in near real-time, of the many moving pieces in the air industry” to stir up more proactive planning rather than reactive misjudgments.

A separate dashboard is currently in the testing phase with the focus strictly on Hainan in China, namely catering to Duty-Free, Finance, and Brands clients.

“Innovation and working in an agile manner has always been the backbone to the success of ForwardKeys, and having the challenge of a global pandemic makes no difference to our method of working and problem-solving,” concludes Olivier Jager, CEO, and Co-Founder of ForwardKeys.


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